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Computer related soreness in shoulder

kirdar2010-07-04 18:48:10 +0000 #1
Please suggest me any yoga practice to heal computer related soreness in shoulder. I'm feeling it is since last two weeks.
InnerAthlete2010-07-04 18:55:47 +0000 #2
Welcome to the forum.

It's not quite so simple my friend.

Yoga is not the Blue Pill, nor is asana.

If I may speak for the collective here, "we" need a lot more information to provide you yoga help. Are you male, female, old, young, slim, robust? Are you healthy or ill? What is your fitness background?

Do you already have a yoga practice and you are seeking specifics for the shoulder issue or have you never done yoga before and merely heard it was "good"?

Unless you give us some info we have no way of knowing anything more than what you've already shared, which is a small fraction of a sliver.
siva2010-07-04 19:02:43 +0000 #3

Much of the tension you're feeling can be attributed to shallow breathing and of course, weak posture, which would be difficult to address here.

Try this:

When you're sitting at your terminal and feel the tension building, use your abdominals to fully exhale. Squeeze every last bit of air out that you can and hold yourself empty momentarily. This will turn those muscles that are constantly firing off momentarily, and you might get some idea of what yoga can do for you on a more regular and structured basis, with a teacher, of course.

Are you aware of this simple neck warmup?

Breathing through your nose, take one breath inhale, exhale your chin down to your chest. Inhale, raise the chin up out of the thoat. Exhale, chin down again and repeat six times slowly. Finish down with exhalation and inhale back up to neutral. Exhale.

Inhale, turn your head all the way right. Sowly and gently, exhale, turn all the way left. Inhale again right and repeat six times. Finish with exahalation to the left and inhale back to neutral.

Inhale, drop your left ear to left shoulder. Exhale all the way over to the right soulder. Inhale again over to left shoulder, repeat six times gently. Finish with an exhalation to the right side. Inhale, return to neautral. Exhale.

Keep your shoulders relaxed. Be gentle. Do this with a natural, slow rhythm. If you can perform this without furthur aggravation, then it's ok to do it everyday. This too is yoga.

Best to you and blessings,




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