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Pad size for Yoga

Peterkcy2010-07-04 17:59:27 +0000 #1

I am a beginner going to do Yoga at home. I want to buy a pad for Yoga

What will be the perfect size(dimension) for Yoga pad?

If the pad size is 49"X73", is it enough?

ekapadarajakapotasana2010-07-04 18:01:44 +0000 #2
I'm not sure where you live... but most mats that you buy are standard sizes.

If there is a larger option... then depending on your height you might want something a little longer... but most mats that I've ever seen are the same basic width.

You want to be able to lie on it and have 80-90% of your body on the mat.

Hope that helps...




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