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WalterJ2010-07-04 18:06:27 +0000 #1
I finally got my DVDs and I am very happy with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden’s AM/PM Yoga but I am sticking with the AM Yoga part of Rodney Yee for now but I have a couple of questions.

First how long should a good Yoga practice be?

Currently the AM program is only about 20 minutes and that is fine for me at this point I am not in the greatest of shape and Yoga is one of the things I am pursuing to change that and I do not want to over do at this point.

Also I am back to doing sit-ups and push ups and I do feel I should continue those at this time but in the long run as my practice advances would sit-ups and pushups still be necessary or will the practice itself take place of those exercises?
Bridgette2010-07-04 18:18:29 +0000 #2
My personal yoga practice can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending how "into" it I get. I think you need at least 20 mins for a really constructive yoga regimen. It also depends on the frequency. Some days I'll do 3- 20-minute sessions while other days I might just do one long extensive session and feel comfortable with that. I think it's a comfort thing.

I know when I first got into yoga I felt obligated to do a set time and everything and it became a chore for me. I find that go with your instincts. Eventually your body will tell you when you need yoga, from what I'v observed. My yoga teacher often says she notices less firmness in her muscles if she neglects yoga while I start to notice I'm more anxious.

I recall one night when I just had a rough day and yoga was the last thing on my mind. I laid down to sleep, totally exhausted, and could not sleep. It was as if my body was screaming at me to hit the mat. So I did and I had a profound session. Just remember, yoga is not a chore and the times that yoga seems the farthest from your mind is usually the time you need yoga the most.

As far as exercise goes, use your own judgment. I don't think anyone would argue against it and of course it depends on the kind of yoga you are doing. I would however recommend not just push-ups and sit-ups if you are striving for weight-loss. A good aerobic exercise such as jump-roping, biking, or running works wonders. I use to ride bike for a stretch, get off and do 3 sets of 50 crunches and get back on the bike. I'd continue in this manner about 4 times. (Just remember good stretching beforehand of course ). Nowadays I don't do that seeing as my practice has gotten further and I am happy with my body. I do periodically notice a need for toning (in the belly area for my particular case) and in those circumstance I actually do 7 Ashtanga sun salutations and then 2 sets of 50 crunches and repeat. I like sun salutations for a gentle work out because it warms the body up so much but there isn't near as much strain on the muscles. The blending of conventional work out with yoga can be rewarding, but always remember to have a formal yoga routine as well.
Aaron2010-07-04 18:26:45 +0000 #3
Listen to your body, it knows better than any of us how much is too little and too much, do as much as you can before you feel like you should stop.

I agree with Bridgette about the sit ups. They will strengthen the abdominal muscles but in my understanding they will burn fat from the same areas in the same proportions as any other exercise. Unless you're doing the sit ups for enjoyment, I suggest going for a walk.
victw2010-07-04 19:08:42 +0000 #4
WalterJ - no there is no minimum for a practice. Just keep in mind that your yoga practice should serve you - not you serving your yoga practice.

You might consider working one on one with an experienced teacher that can develop a practice specific to your needs, goals, time of day, time you have available to practice, and even other activities you enjoy.

Best wishes.

jesgal2010-07-04 19:10:51 +0000 #5
Your body will let you know what works for you. I would be hesitant to stop the push ups, your body needs them for some reason. A home practice is unique to the individual, as your yoga practice develops it will evolve and grow. The amount of time you need will come to you.

Finding a studio and teacher to work with your practice seems overwhelming at first, but try a few studios and styles of yoga. Be open to taking a more physical class and a gentle class, and when your mind starts to label and judge yourself in these classes, just observe the moment and your body. You will find what works best.

I started yoga over 3 years ago because of back pain. I never dreamed my daily practice would evolve into a lifestyle that is filled with peace and non-judgment. One of the benefits of yoga is living in comfort with your body and your mind. Enjoy the journey!
Hubert2010-07-04 18:37:48 +0000 #6
Push ups make the shoulder girdle stiff, and produce inbalance between the front and back muscles of the chest, making the shoulders fall forward.

Push-ups should be complemented with upward plank pose, and as a dynamic exercise, rowing, and pull ups. (with palms facing forward and a slightly wider than shoulders grip) Best pull up type to counter push ups would be similar to upward plank, and pulling yourself up in horizontal position. (using a middle height bar)

Just to stay on the level of this topic.( I'm sure InnerAthlete, or certified therapists could go much to greater dephts.)
WalterJ2010-07-04 20:56:57 +0000 #7

I should probably add my intention was to look for a teacher and attend a Yoga class but my Work schedule increased exponentially and the only free time I had was early in the morning which is why I am now using DVDs. When and if my schedule lightens up I will be going to classes

But the strangest thing happened with my training yesterday or maybe just strange to me.

I went through the AM Yoga DVD and came across another DVD I had from years ago that was also a bit of power Yoga (also other exercises as well) so I tried it today and the 2 seemed to nicely together so with both DVDs and the sit-ups I have about a 60 minute practice going and it felt really good today.



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