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New to this..

Fon_Win2010-07-04 17:05:48 +0000 #1
I'm 42 year old male, and on advice from friends and meh doctor am going to try out this yoga thing.

So I've lined up a few questions for you all.

What do I look for in an instructor?

I've notice there are a few "franchise" yoga places (what's the technical term for a yoga place?), what should I look for when choosing a place to yoga (it is a verb right?).

Almost all the places i was checking online said bring your own mat... Is there a difference in mats? anything else i should bring?

I also read a couple of places, drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water prior to going, I assume that means in the 24 hours prior to yogaing? (I'm having verb issues)

Should I stretch prior to going? Eat? not eat. I saw one place recommended not eating for 2 hours prior.

I assume nude yogaing is a no no in this places. Shorts or sweats?

Anything else you can think I should know, and you feel like mentioning would be cool.

I'm really more concerned with finding a good "yoga place", and yoga instructor.

and finally..

I yoga'd yesterday, I'm currently yogaing, tomorrow i will yoga. those can't be right, any help would be cool.

[edit:] oh yea, I'm in the dallas area, near lovers and 75. if anyone has some suggestions. found like 8 places nearby.

InnerAthlete2010-07-04 17:14:49 +0000 #2
Welcome to yoga and so forth and so on

Many of the questions you pose I have already answered here: . Have a browse.

I'l try and provide answers here that are not there.

Yoga can be used as a noun. That may be it's best descriptor as the term represents a vast body of wisdom. Yo can practice yoga. You can do yoga. But I'm not so sure there is yogaing.

It is best to be hydrated when going to class and not have recently eaten, especially if your diet is untidy. Students who eat then exercise (though yoga is not exercise but there is exercise within it) tend to have acidic reactions in their bodies and that often leads to loosing one's lunch.

Places that tell you to consume such and such amounts of lfuids are likely sweating your privates off in the class. So to me that's an "indicator" of the sort of practice. They're basically warning you about dehydration relative to the intensity of the practice they offer.

Most yoga places that offer just yoga (that is they are not a gym) are referred to as studios or centers.

Attire should be comfortable yet modest. In some classes you may be going upside down (eventually) I tend to wear some heather gray Russell shorts and a white (ironed) tee-shirt. But then I'm one who simply does not care what others think of my fashion.

There is a difference in mats, indeed. Try a studio that has them already and then you can buy your own mat based on that experience. Some mats off-gas and others are not made of eco-conscious materials. Some are too sticky and others not sticky enough. It needs to be shopped.

Please consider arriving early for your class so you can get settled in to the space and not stir up additional anxiety. A student who is chronically late is subconsciously asking for a one-on-one chat with the teacher <wink>



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