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I need to work on my posture (PICS)

dino2010-07-04 18:46:12 +0000 #1
how tall would i be if i work on my posture

im 5 foot 9 right now

and this is my body

Pandara2010-07-04 18:57:15 +0000 #2
Why did you edit the picture of yourself?
Hubert2010-07-04 19:23:57 +0000 #3
I gained about 2 centimeters (slightly less than an inch). (from 189 to 191)

I dare to say this as my posture was just like your's.

But the benefit of a better posture is not that of height increase but much better endurance, and much better quality of life. That posture will lead to sciatic pain (if you do not already have that).

I also did light weight training. recommend strenghtening the abdominal and lower back muscles, opening the hips and hamstrings, especially the iliopsoas muscles. Avoid jogging, running as these "cement" a wrong posture.



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