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music for Budokon (yoga/martial arts)

patrick99e992010-07-04 21:27:28 +0000 #1
Hi everyone,

My name is Patrick and I am a music composer. I recently made the soundtrack for Budokon's latest DVD series, and I am seeking advice on how to get it out there to the yoga community. Currently, the CD is only available through purchase at Budokon's website, but I am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on how to market this to yoga studios?

I worked really hard on this music, and so I really would like to share it with as wide of an audience as possible, and as Budokon is still a growing organization, I'd like to consider exploring avenues outside of Budokon to achieve this goal.

Music samples and info can be found on their website at:

Budokon International - Online Store:

Oh and if you aren't familiar with Budokon-- it's a blend of yoga, martial arts, and meditation. A very challenging practice actually.

Thanks in advance for any advice.




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