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lots of Questions - supplemental Income?

madeline_sweet2010-07-05 00:56:54 +0000 #1
Hello! I am wondering how many of you teach Yoga full-time? Also - do you have to have a 2nd job to supplement your income? I am a new teacher - but I would like to get a more Respected certificate {One that is recognized by Yoga Alliance - 500 hr training}. I am in the U.S. in the South West {Utah}.

I guess i am afraid to COMMIT to the training. $3000 and 500 hours later - will this be a full-time thing? will I supplement my income with another job? What do other people do? I don't mind having to supplement my income - but I'm just not sure with WHAT? you know? Right now I work full-time in an office, 40 hrs per week on salary. I teach only once a week. But I'd like to make it a more regular thing - however, my full-time job prevents me from putting more time into Yoga.

It would be a big decision ... but other people do it. I am just wondering "how." Thanks for any info!

~Madeline Sweet
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 01:01:09 +0000 #2
Hello Madeline.

I don't believe the decision to pursue yoga teacher training, as you outline it, should be made from a fiscal perspective. I do realize the paradigm is a common one with higher education - what do I get, how much will I make, what will I do, what advancement opportunities are there, what is the income potential, etcetera.

It is this very paradigm that creates suffering for so many people.

I suggest that one who is evaluating a teacher training shift the thought process to one of "what can I offer", "what do I have to give", "how can I help others", and "is this a thing that manifests a higher purpose for my spirit/soul/life".

Some teachers make very little money at all. But they are the saving grace for many students as they are able to open themselves up and serve as a conduit through which yoga can pass. Others make a great deal of money while serving no one at all other than themselves, their financial planner, and their accountant.

I believe there are ways for yoga teachers to earn a reasonable living in harmony with their dharma (life's purpose) but I do not think it is currently an easy thing to do and most do it in only one way - over scheduling themselves, teaching 20+ classes per week, and often burning out.

I do not teach full time but it is my deepest intention to open a yoga center and to provide methods with which the teaching staff can achieve this very thing mentioned above. Many teachers have other jobs in other fields. Some teachers have a two-person income as their spouse has a "regular" job. I know teachers who manage law firms, work in technology, are massage or physical therapists and so on.

Spend the money on the training if you are called to do so by yoga not by revenue. Otherwise it will be very challenging to find the joy necessary to convey yoga's light to others. Keep your current job and begin teaching a couple of class each week - assuming that after your training you want to teach at all.
madeline_sweet2010-07-05 01:36:00 +0000 #3
Thank you so much InnerAthlete for this wonderful response you have really helped me shift my perspective and that is a gift. it is very much appreciated Best, Madeline
JakeS2010-07-05 02:17:59 +0000 #4
You might want to think about separating your work and your business. You work is how you contribute to society. Your business is how you live. People often get themselves into trouble because they think these two have to be the same thing. Either they get into a good business with work they hate, or love their work if only they could afford groceries and gas. It sounds like you love yoga and would love to make that your work, but aren't sure about the business aspects. It takes creativity, patience, and dedication, but I have known several people who have been able to separate the two. By aggressively saving and investing, they were able to free themselves up to do what they wanted, rather than what could pay the bills. This has little to do with yoga, but it might allow you to spend more time doing yoga.




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