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Subscapular Pain radiating....

wildwill2010-07-05 00:14:28 +0000 #1

I am new to Yoga Forums. Any advice that anyone might offer for my question would be very appreciated.

I have insidious upper back pain; the locus seems to be around and under the scapular on my left side. Ever-present tightness that radiates upward into my neck and downward through the lats and all the way down to the buttocks, where a spasm/tightness is by now almost as bothersome as the back pain.

Pain is exacerbated by tension and especially by "front work," such as at a computer keyboard. I do have a problem with head-forward postural tendencies, which I try to work on by stretching my shoulders over an inflatable exercise ball.

Chiropractor tells me that my left hip is elevated about 15 mm, and that I carry most of my weight on my right leg. My back pain seemed to respond well to chiropratic treatment but I had to discontinue due to finances, etc.

Question: Can anyone recommend any particular asana(s) that might help me release through the neck and shoulders? The knot in my back has been so long by now (8 years+) that it seems that I just can not get to it.

I use a rubber ball to so some self massage, (can not really afford consistent massage) but nothing seems to offer anything more than the most superficial relief.

I do not do yoga regularly now, except somewhat. I know that I should not expect relief until I get into a regimen and stick with it. I take that as a given. Nevertheless, any advice up front as to how I might target the knots in my back straightaway would be much appreciated. Any testimony from anyone who has suffered from similar pain and found significant relief through yoga therapy...your advice or encouragement would be so welcome.

I am 53 years old, very active. However the back pain keeps me from working out any more. Especially can not do push left arm will really kill me afterwards. Very frustrating. I do walk a lot. Swim a good bit, which helps. But the pain always returns.

I realize that my therapy probably needs to contain a significant emotional component of release and letting go, I suppose. But so far I have not found it.

Thanks so much.



InnerAthlete2010-07-05 00:18:15 +0000 #2
For a novice that is a very in-depth post.

It would be less than responsible for me to provide advice in this case without assessment. There are a variety of things that could be going on and it may be manifesting as a nerve issue or a muscular issue. It would be best to have a sound PT or yoga therapist diagnose the biomechanics then make a plan from there.

You are however quite correct. The body is only a manifestation of emotional issues. The back body tends to represent those things in our past we have yet to confront and resolve.

It would be appropriate to consider changes in your work or at very least an ergonomic assessment of your workstation. Additionally a shift in diet is almost assuredly on the horizon.

If you've had this thing for 8 years it is more than likely you have not listened to what it is your body is trying to tell you. It whispers for only so long and can be incredibly loud when ignored.



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