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kind of funny

justwannabe2010-07-04 20:19:52 +0000 #1
when I sit down to meditate, afterwards i slowly go into corpse pose and then lay their for a few minutes. Currently I use a homeade chinesse meditation bench and so the first thing I do is slide my feet out from underneath me and a little to the right, Kind of looks like a spinal twist at that point. well the other night I woke up in that position. after my meditation I only got to the point of sliding my legs out to the right and bam, off to sleep.

Two hours later I woke up in that pose, I guess that is what some people mean by just melting into the pose.

Hubert2010-07-04 20:30:29 +0000 #2
I had such experience once when I was a kid ... I had a very physical day, and I have fallen to bed as a tree cut down, slept all night and woke up in the same position. Never again I managed to repeat this feat ...



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