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Upper back/neck energy blockage

MasterD2010-07-05 06:21:54 +0000 #1
I have this strange feeling as if the energy in my upper back and neck cannot flow freely. As if a shivering wants to move up but the flow is stagnated. I doesn't hurt, but certainly does not feel good either. Last night I could not sleep either.

I do not do a lot of Yoga, though I do the 5 tibetan rites occasionaly and I also do the Egoscue exercise series sometimes.

Are there any specific exercises that I can do to make the energy in my upper back and neck flow more freely?

Thanks for your help!
Naya2010-07-05 06:28:05 +0000 #2
Hi - interesting to raed this. I have been going through a similar experience - except that I DO have aches.... And I know 6 other people going through similar symptoms at the moment...



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