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Instability around SI joint

Maryjane2010-07-04 18:32:57 +0000 #1
Dear Mukunda,

I saw you last June in London where you advised me on my unstable disks and highlighted a sacrum dysfunction. I have been following your advice and asana modifications since then and have found I have been able to move and bend with more stability and have less bouts of pain. I have not been attending classes but have been practising at home but recently I felt confident enough to attend class with a great teacher who helped me in all aspects of my practise - mindful of my needs etc. The practise was much more energetic than I have done for a while but I loved it had no pain and I started to reintroduce asanas in to my daily practise (sun salutations notably) However I now seem to have as much pain as I had before ( therefore I have stopped of course) but this time more around the right SI joint. When I go to bend I feel I will just collapse in a heap! If I stand in Tadasana and contract my inner thighs something around the Si joint clicks in or out of place ( it feels too deep to identify) and I have some sort of relief. JFS done very mindfully helps somewhat. The Sacrum Stabilizing Excercises has always felt uncomfortable on that side even with props - My left hip is lower than my right and is tighter when opening so I assume that this is the root of the imbalance but I would like to know if there is anything else I can focus on to try and stabilize this area and bring Vata home. I feel angry with myself and depressed and I dont know how to deal with this as well. Perhaps this is the area I really need to focus on before anything but I dont know where to start as when I try to meditate I just sob!

Mangala2010-07-04 18:49:30 +0000 #2
Hi, This is Mangala, one of Mukunda's senior students. It sounds like you really over did it! You are correct to go back to the JFS and SI Stabilizer. I am concerned that you still find this uncomfortable on one side. Can you elevate the hip more during this movement? The SI movements can even be done in a chair.

Do you want to hear my story about the body? Herer is the abbreviated version. I have 2 bulging discs. I had to accept that there are some movements that aggravate this and I very rarely do a class unless it is with Mukunda because I have reprecussions. I know know my limits and what my body can and can't safely do. It took years to learn this!

You could call Mukunda to set up a phone consult. He is out of town right now.

Namaste, Mangala



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