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Discussion on the movie Samsara

Hubert2010-07-04 21:24:58 +0000 #1

Originally Posted by Karin

It's easier to give something up totally than to handle it in a "healthy" way.

For people with eating problems it's often easier to fast than to eat according to the need of the actual situation. ...

Do you know the movie "Samsara"? A monk leaves his monastry to live a "normal" live. He has a wife and children ... . After some years there arise some big problems an he gets into his monk clothes, shaves his had and is on the way back to the monastry. Then he has a vision of his wife. She is telling him that he makes it easy for himself, leaving her back with the children. She is talking about Buddha who also left his family. Maybe his wife would have also liked to go on a spiritual path, but she was not able to, as he left her without asking, without telling her anything. In the movie the ex-(and maybe soon-again-monk) had a breakdown as he had this vision. There the movie ends.

I don't mean nobody should live a monastery life, but ... .

Ok, I know the movie now.

Very good one, in my opinion, as it leaves room to various understandings, also on various levels.

I don't want to spoil it, I just say I had a long talk on it with my wife, we did watch the movie togheter. ... I'd really like to talk about this movie with people who saw it recently.



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