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Help with respiratory depression

yogalover7802010-07-04 20:38:50 +0000 #1
Hello guys,I need some serious help with respiratory deppression.

A few years ago my father was giving me ALPRAZOLAM and because of that I have respiratory deppression while sleeping.I have'nt had deep sleep for more than 2 years now I wake 2-3 times in the night.I realized that I had respiratory deepression when I started practicing pranayam about a month ago which had an immediate positive impact on my health.Earlier I only had two meals a day and was severely underweight(45kg at 5ft10in) but after a few days of prayanam practice I started gaining weight both muscle and fat and skin also started clearing up and I started having deep sleep but after a few days the deep sleep was gone.So I tried inducing it by taking deep breaths and with the inhalation time being half that of exhalation time.It worked but just as I was about to go in deep sleep my body forgot to breathe and as a result I woke up.Please guys help me as this is costing me my health.



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