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justwannabe2010-07-05 01:03:05 +0000 #1
some people talk about you be able to either control the mind or you will be a slave of the mind. If you are in control of the mind, who is this you?


Rashmi2010-07-05 01:18:28 +0000 #2
We generally identify ourselves with this physical body, name given to us as per the worldly customs etc which can decay. However in reality we are imperishable atman i.e soul . The human birth is awarded by God to us to know our real self called atman and know him. As we are covered under the illusion or maya of sattva/tama/raja Guna of prakriti we do not know our real self and identify with body. However when we study veda and practice astanga yoga philosophy under a learned acharya slowly we start understanding our real self. Finally by the grace of Guru and god we realise our true nature i.e atman and God. Then we are free of Law of Karma and we not bound to take birth in Human body unless the Divine wills

Through this human body Atman controls the mind . Actually atman uses all the perceptions and senses to enjoy, if there is no atman there is no body i.e body is dead and no enjoyment etc.

This You is Atman. Traditionally an atman takes million years to realise God and its true nature.It slowly trnasmigrates and assumes different bodies in its journey for realisation. Therefore vedas say that every soul should try to listen vedas and do yoga to free itself from the cycle of death and birth.Becos the creation is cyclic in nature.At the fixed time creation happens and at the fixed time destruction of creation takes place. This is called mahapralay.In one creation comes 7 manavantar and each manvantar has got 71 chaturyugi, each chaturyugi has got fixed no of satyug, dwapar, treta and kaliyuga. This calculation i had already given as per vedas. Same Lord krishna explains in Geeta to Arjun.

I hope this satisfys you




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