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Yoga for knee replacement

NancyBosk2010-07-05 04:55:19 +0000 #1
Interested in knowing if anyone has worked with individuals with knee replacment. My goal in the gentle/ chair class is to build their confidence then teach them how to safely get down on the floor and get back up ( help with fear of falling). Thank you for any suggestions. In yoga, Nancy
yoginipat2010-07-05 04:57:06 +0000 #2
Hi, Nancy,

I have personally taught this style of yoga for several years, on and off as the need has arisen within my students. It is as powerful a practice in healing as any "regular" yoga class I have attended or taught.

Many hospitals and assisted living facilities now offer these types of classes and they are often open to the public at a reduced cost. As a teacher, I would probably check them out just to see what others are teaching. If you are not able to attend classes, you might find Yoga RX by Larry Payne, PhD and Richard Usatine MD helpful, as well as a book called Yoga for Dummies. It is a simple to follow program and is designed for people who are very inflexible, so there are LOTS of chair poses! As the body strengthens and flexibilty returns, you can stand and start practicing poses using the chair for balance, until students reach the point where they can stand easily on their own! Good luck and blessed be.



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