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SoulSister2010-07-04 20:30:57 +0000 #1
Hi Everyone!

I am new to everything yoga. Where does one start?

I want to find out:

- What types of yoga(s) exist?

- Which ones do what?

I am on a yoga quest! I know it is a lifestyle and not just a "fad."

I am starting new things for 2008 and going forward. I want to build my body and mind through yoga!

Any suggestions on where to start on my quest?
Nichole2010-07-04 20:36:33 +0000 #2

Originally Posted by SoulSister

- What types of yoga(s) exist?

- Which ones do what?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Here are some good web sources for you to read about different schools of Yoga so you can narrow things down a bit, and then you can ask deeper questions about the types that caught your eye and your heart.

Welcome to Yoga Alliance:

Main Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Kind wishes in your search to find YOUR Yoga,



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