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Poses to help pains in elbows....

yogaboy822010-07-04 23:34:32 +0000 #1
Hey Guys,

It's my first time here on this forum. Hope you guys can help me. Any suggestions on poses to help alleviate the pains on elbows? I was suggesting the wrist/forearm releases but her Orthopedic said that would worsen her elbows though it help a lot of people I know and most of them are tennis players and/or use tennis as their form of exercise. I hope you can help me with this... Thanks Philip
InnerAthlete2010-07-04 23:43:57 +0000 #2
I would need to know the issue with the elbows in order to compose a sound reply to your inquiry.
yogaboy822010-07-05 00:20:50 +0000 #3
Well, her Orthopedic mentions about tendinitis on her elbows and according to her doctor the wrist/arm release would do more harm on her elbows than relieve the pain on her elbows. Though after doing yoga, everything feels great on her body especially her elbows, it's just she just hopes that there's a specific pose to relieve her pain in her elbows when it starts to hurt while doing other mundane chores.That's much information she could possibly give me.Hope you can help me cuz up to this point my mind is bugging me with this mainly because all the poses in yoga does not harm your elbows unless done in a haste and incorrect movements, especially if it's wrist/arm release. Ever time I do that pose before I start my Sun Salutation, everything releases especially my elbows, arms and wrists, yet to the doctor, he says, it would make it worst. Once again thanks and hopefully this info is helpful....Philip



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