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ash2010-07-05 06:20:31 +0000 #1
Hi everyone

My weight is optimum for my height and age, however i still have a little fat on my abs and thighs. I have recently started pranayaama and yoga..

Can you please suggest some good yoga posture for reducing thighs and achieveing flat abs ?

damaru2010-07-05 06:33:29 +0000 #2
sitting forward bend, and standing backward bend. The first to help the internal organ to stay in, and the later to strenghten muscle to the lower back and stomach area.

One exercise I find really helpfull for making nice belly, is to try to write a line as far up as possible with one hand and then the other hand on the wall. It will stretch the whole body really gently, and also correct the posture.

I say that because a lot of time it's not so much the fat of the belly that we see but simply the posture that make the internal organ come out a little. If you do this exercise everyday, you will draw line on the wall a little higher everytime and you will gain few inches of height and it will probably help you position (and belly)

ash2010-07-05 06:36:04 +0000 #3

By "Sitting forward bend" you mean the CHild pose or Balasana ? and the standing backward, you mean the Half Moon pose or ardha chandra asana ?

I liked your idea of writing a line on wall, that wud be good, so if i have understood you, you mean with my right hand i write on the right side and with my left hand i write on the left side, while standing at one point ?

After doing Kapalbhati pranayaama, i feel really good, light and the stomach muscles feel tightened, However i have difficulty doing the Anulom Vilom pranayaama, i know it is very important do this as well, but i have Sinus which disrupts the whole activity...

I completely agree with you, that the belly fat shows up cos of the the wrong pose, cos when i stand up the fat doesnt come out...
damaru2010-07-05 06:50:46 +0000 #4
Paschimothasana, the standard sitting forward bend. For the back bend, simply standing up and bending your body backward (like in the sun salutation) or use the Ustrasana.

I like kapalabhati as well, if you have problem with the alternat nostril breathing you can use a neti pot to clean your sinus. Also if you gently press slingtly over the cheek bone you can help the breathing. One thing I find really to work on the energetic body level is to breath trought both nostril (or whatever you can) and do the alternate in your head. Breath in fell the right side of your body, hold, breath out feel the left side of your body, breath in keep feeling the right side, hold, breath out feel the left side.

This will help balance your prana, even if you can't breath trough one nostril or the other.

Make sure to always be aware of what you are practincing and the effect it haas on your life. If you start a new practice, make sure you take note and observe the effect it has on you, on your mood and energy. I don't know what is your level of practice, nor if a teacher is helping you, but in any case, for me it's really important to keep a journal of any practice, and make sure all we do is to explore and enjoy ourselves

ash2010-07-05 07:57:07 +0000 #5
I totally agree with you, one should notice which thing has what effect on you..

I, like many Indians watch Swami Ramdev Ji maharaj On TV or Internet and have learnt things from him only...

According to others i'm thin but i myself dont feel so, i do other work out as well... but everybody told me that i was getting obsessed with the being in shape thing... so I thought i'll start Pranayaama and yoga... i've been doing i from 2-3 months and find it really good and i feel good too...

I like Bahya pranayaama too and unlike other people... i find it quite easy and feel great afterwards... but still practicing on anulom vilom...



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