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Mukunda2010-07-05 05:55:36 +0000 #1
I want to share some information witht the group that i recently gave to a student, about Native American herbs that help skin cancer or potential melanomas.

There is a long story about this product but to make it short. The original formula of herbs was composed by native american healers who got to know my family as farmers in AZ many years ago. They called it Indian mud. My aunts and family members on father’s side have all used it for over 30 years. We are all fair skinned blondes and redheads. One applies it with a toothpick on the site of the lesion for 3 days then leave it alone. I have used it on my face and arms. The odd property is that is does not react if there is no problem. IF there is it follows the roots of the melanoma or whatever it is and gets it all.

It is now property of a corp. that met FDA approval to sell it. NIES Company seems low scale they have phone of 800-593-9780 and email at Cost is about $40 for COMPEX (external formula). There is also internal formula COMPIN and formulas for animals. I do not have photos of my family to show its effects but will attach my face shot so you can see effects on my forehead. Just saw a dermatologist this week who said all looks healed completely.

If you wish to do this, I support you either way. I would also recommend that you take my Tantra lessons and do them too. The first three lessons will help elevate your healing energies and if you do more than that it can develop into a spiritual healing process. You can sign up for them on my website. Best wishes.

Prentin2010-07-05 06:06:02 +0000 #2
How do I order Compin?



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