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Hindu Institution -urgent plz

skhandelwal2010-07-05 01:41:30 +0000 #1
Are there institutions where a person can go and just meditate all the time...he doesn't have to work but he will get shelter, food, etc?

Another question, are there colleges which offer courses in hinduism philosophy?(I am talking really advanced Upanishads)


Thx a lot
Covenant9142010-07-05 01:44:33 +0000 #2
Don't know about the first (probably have to pay for that sort of thing - Buddhists have "silent" retreats - but I do not know about cost) but as for the second any good graduate program would allow you to explore the Upanishads or the Vedas, etc depending upon your language skills, etc.

Sanskrit may be required - or even taught. I attend UNCC (getting my Masters in religion) and Sanskrit is taught there - generally individually(along with Chinese, Hebrew and Greek).

Not for me, though. More into the impact of religion on social institutions and interdisciplinary studies (psychology of religion, etc)
Rashmi2010-07-05 01:49:06 +0000 #3
Dear friend,


It depends on your desire.If you really want to realise god take sanyas from able Guru.In the present yuga it is really hard to find out a atma gyani.You can contact www.divinelifesociety.og: www.divinelifesociety.og and Vedmandir :: .

Swami sivananda of rishikesh was a realised one, he has shed his mortal remains, swami ramswarup of yol have profound knowledge of vedas and is a astanga yogi.I have taken him as my guru.If they accept you as disciple and they feel yes you can tread on this path, they will give you diksha.This highest knowledge can be given to you by them only.I feel he is a realised one.I have prayed intensely to god for a guru,with His grace my search is over.You too pray God sincerely and do yoga, if possible read vedas.Do tapasya and swaadhyay on your own.Whatever i am sharing with you is swaadhyay (self-reading) and what my guru has taught me.

Upnishad is the commentry on vedas by mantra drista rishis.Further Swami dayanad saraswati was realised yogi.You can enrich and get knowledge of vedas and upnishad from aryasamaj.all his writings are preserved.In this regard i would like to share whenever he used to write commentries on vedas he used to meditate and after that he used to write.At times he used to strike off all his previously written commenties and rewrite everything after meditation.Once a european asked him swami ji can you transmigrate youe soul like shankaracharya to another body.He said with my yogic powers i can concentrate the life force i.e prana to one point in body.The views of swami vivekananda should be considered too he said "If your mind says something and the Vedas say something else, stop your mind and believe in the Vedas. "

"...our religion is not based upon persons but on principles. That you obey your religion is not because it came through the authority of a sage, no, not even of an incarnation of Krishna is not authority of the Vedas, but of vedas are the authority of the Krishna himself. His glory is that he is the greatest preacher of the vedas that ever existed. "

Further Swami Ramkrishna paramhansa, the highly realised soul once told all his disciples that on his insistence and request one of the sapta rishi(seven rishi) took rebirth.Swami Ramkrishna paramhansa s father was very pious and spiritual man.While on pilgrimage to Gaya he got a divine dream in which one of the dev purush said i am pleased with your devotion and would take birth as your son.This prophecy in dream turned true.

I am writing the views of brahma gyanis on vedas thread.You decide what you want and act as per that.God will give surely you divine guidance .

But continue doing astang yoga.Never give .swami sivanand has said God is a wish yoilding tree, ask with care.But this desire which you have got is pious and god will surely guide you.Every soul is destined for a guru as and when god desires.

skhandelwal2010-07-05 03:02:35 +0000 #4
I am actually a gyan Yogi, I pray Shiva. So I do not follow a certain type of yoga but meditate as much as I can.(Since samadhi is part of yoga, I must be following my own unique yoga since there are infinite yogas, just the difference is: some are discovered, others are hidden.
Rashmi2010-07-05 02:13:56 +0000 #5
There is only one yoga it is called astanga yoga.The knowledge of yoga has come from vedas.The authority on yoga and worship is samveda.Lord Krishna in Gita says amongst vedas i am samveda. as he was a realised samadhist yogi, lord manifested in him.Further lord shiva himself was a yogi.In present day so many forms of yoga are there but most authentic is patanjali yoga sutra which is based on samveda. Rishi patanjali himself was a mantradrishta rishi.We are free to choose whatever form but if a soul sincerely aspire for God realisation then astanga yoga as described in patanjali yogasutras and upasana of God as per saam veda.Shiva, Krishna, Rama are worshipped being veda nisht and astanga yogis.One of the name of God is shiva too which means who gives bliss.

In the light of vedas devi and devta are those great souls who have realised God as per vedas and practice of yoga.When swami ram krishna paramhansa says there are 33 crore devi devtas it means realised souls.As per vedas there are only5 alive and 33 non alive devtas .

who is a gyan yogi? a gyan yogi is the one who has full knowledge of Vedas and six shastras and has realised god in samadhi through astanga yoga.

justwannabe2010-07-05 02:23:48 +0000 #6
is it possible that your ego says urgent, but your true self says patience?


PatR2010-07-05 03:47:38 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by skhandelwal

Are there institutions where a person can go and just meditate all the time...he doesn't have to work but he will get shelter, food, etc?

There are a few with free food, shelter even free marijuana, but I'd like people to stay away from such places, so no recommendations.


Another question, are there colleges which offer courses in hinduism philosophy?(I am talking really advanced Upanishads)


For the "philosophy" there could be no more complete institution than the Patanjali Yogpeeth, in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India, but your hindi should be good.
skhandelwal2010-07-05 02:53:13 +0000 #8
Hey Rashmi, is Astanga yoga and hatha yoga and Patanjali the same thing? If astanga yoga is the real deal then what about Gyan yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Karma yoga that Lord Krishna sermoned about?
Rashmi2010-07-05 02:29:00 +0000 #9
Dear friend,

as we know all these forms of yoga had come post mahabharat war. Further all the seers in there work have taken proof of vedas and all of them have studied this knowledge in the gurukuls of Rishis in traditinal way.The major six works based on the writing of six rishis is based on vedas one of them is patanjali sutras.All of them after listening to vedas orally, had realised this knowledge by the hard practice of astanga yoga.In my post in vedas i have mentioned that Great siddha yogi nityannada had told the importance of ganeshpuri, where Maharishi vashistha and sandipani had done tapasya.Even Todate any body goes to the place called sand where footprints of sage sandipani, guru of krishna ji are there, there mind gets diarrayed due to spiritual vibration.Lord krishna has received the knowledge of vedas from him only and realised god by the hard tapasya.He is called yogeshwar in Gita.His famous preach of gita is based on the knowledge of vedas.He talks of Bhakti, Karma, gyan, and astanga yoga.How will be know what is bhakti, what is gyan, karma etc.Gyan yoga means after studying vedas , six darshans and 18 upanishads etc and we as soul behave as per that.This gyan is realised by the practice of yoga.karma yoga we should have this knowledge of deeds based on vedas.Today we talk of everything as per opinion, intellect and mind.Where as this knowledge emanates in the absence of these things.What pleases us today is correct.Where as all great yogis do not behave like that for them insult and injury is same.Read there biographies you will understand it and get benefit from there lives.

Today everybody wants to prove that they are different, there tradition is old etc.But the most authentic is Vedas and astanga yoga.Vedas are conisdered self proof, practice of yoga as patanjali sutras will slowly prove it to you.All the siddhas have agreed for vedas, almost all the knowledge is based on it.However tantra is not in vedas, this knowledge was given by great yogi matseyndranath.Vedas contain spiritual , par and apar knowledge both.It is complete.
skhandelwal2010-07-05 04:35:45 +0000 #10
"The major six works based on the writing of six rishis is based on vedas one of them is patanjali sutras"

first of all, what is patanjali sutra, second, what are the other 5 works? Third, you used the word "major", is "major" defined by the work of the rishis whose kings were victories hence, the quote, "the story is always told from the winner's point of view", or "major" is defined by the work which was highly praised and accepted?

"All of them after listening to vedas orally, had realised this knowledge by the hard practice of astanga yoga."

How can you use "all of them", since it will be only 1/6 barely of people b/c patanjali is only one of the major 6.

Also, I am still confused about Gyan, Bhakti, and Karma yoga. Did you mean Gyan yoga means, anybody, who understands all the gyan by reading the ancient holy scriptures and meditating(reaching samadhi stage) achieves nirvana?

You didn't comment about Bhakti and Karma Yoga.(I didn't get what you meant of Karma yoga)

Why are you so confident of Vedas? They were written by rishis. Unlike Bhagawad Gita which was sermoned by the lord himself. Since even of the highest rank, rishis disagree with each other.(which is why we have different religions and even in the same religion, have branches) Gautam Buddha himself said that the true knowledge lies within the heart....not in any sutra.(Bheesma Pitama said that too) So, aren't I suppose to believe in the philosophy which feels right to me?(obviously, such a decision is to be a taken in nonpressued calm state.)



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