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Yoga in a Foreign language

tink812010-07-05 05:35:56 +0000 #1
I have just moved to Spain and really want to get back to a proper Yoga practice. There is a Bikram studio 10 mins form my house and I really want to go back to practice but I Speak hardly any spanish. I know the series well as I use to practice when I lived in England. Do you think that it would be possible to benefit from a practice even though I wouldn't understand the majority of instruction? I'd really appreciate your opinions. many thanks. Tink
onestebeyond2010-07-05 05:49:42 +0000 #2
don't worry at all.

Just follow. My opinion is the more you are free from mind the more you will gain in yoga!
Metaphysical Story Teller2010-07-05 05:47:38 +0000 #3
Hi Tink,

I agree with Onestebeyond, you'll probably get more out of it.

Plus, you'll probably learn Spanish quicker.

I moved to Italy in 2000. Knew about 50 words. I regularly attended a yoga meditation service several times a week. On Sundays they'd have a long 30 minute talk. I remember at the beginning I found it very difficult. I only understood a few words. After two years I was understanding 80%.

A lot of people say, watch lots of TV and you'll learn the language. I never touched the TV in Italy and learned the language by reading and interacting with people. After two years I excelled, while my fellow Canadians were still stubling over verb tenses.



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