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Honouring the Annamaya kosha

Fin2010-07-04 22:20:46 +0000 #1
When you honour your physical instrument (Annamayakosha) then any pain which manifests in that kosha can also be honoured (made satvic). However when the body is not honoured then pain that manifests in the physical arena can almost be unbearable (leading people to take pain suppressing medication – which is also an abuse of the body …).

A body purified/cleansed & then furthered honoured by asanas, pranayama, supplying food conducive to body type etc sets the scene for turning any pains & blocks which come in our way into something satvic. When I fully embraced/honoured this "satvic" pain then for me it turned into something spiritual …

Now these satvic pains rarely occur indicating I must develop other methods to better understand my spirituality.

Although recovered from a number of "incurable" ailments with the help of Ayurveda & Yoga; I still occasionally get phantom pains. I no longer fear those pains, i know i can transcend them.

My Yoga practice is still at its infancy but with the kind help of the many wonderful spirits in this Forum I continue my progress. I know I will continue needing this help.

Thank you all for your many insightful posts, my sadhana continues.

Best Wishes,

Much Love to all.




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