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harinderj2010-07-04 22:43:28 +0000 #1

Dear Friends

I invite you all to write on How Yoga changed your life ?

Share your experinces Post Yoga and changes it brought in your life. I am doing a research on this for my next book which i am writing now a days. This could enlighten me to write about it...
amik_abeo2010-07-04 22:49:38 +0000 #2
Wow. Crazy that I actually wanted to talk about this.

Since I started doing yoga this last time around, I've really improved tremendously. The most amazing part of it is the fact that when I started I couldn't sit on my heels. It hurt just about every part of my thighs and knees. Now that is not a problem. I went from not even being to do camel pose to actually doing camel pose for over a minute in a couple of months. I feel a lot better, and I am surprised that I do not have to modify any poses anymore... (at least not poses I am used to!)

This has really shown me how amazing and adaptable the human body is if we know how to work with it.

Now if only I could make myself work on my programs (I write php as a semi-job.... or a jobby)! Thats a whole other kind of yoga. I just need to get into my rhythm and focus.



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