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sixth chakra congestion?

jaj2010-07-04 23:53:44 +0000 #1
I am not a practitioner of yoga. I have a serious problem that I think might have to do with the energy of a chakra.

The energy in my sixth chakra area seems seriously disturbed. Congested would be a good word for it. The problem is very recalcitrant, entrenched and I worry it is too late to reverse the effects.

It seems to benefit from breathing exercises. I was wondering if there are breathing techniques specifically designed for sixth chakra disturbances.

Can anyone tell me what they are? Thank you
Bentinho Massaro2010-07-04 23:58:42 +0000 #2
Hello Jaj,

While there are breathing and meditation techniques for everything, including sixth chakra, I would suggest not to take on one of the breathing exercises or visualizations that deal with the chakra in an intellectual way. Let me explain:

When we don't have enough knowledge coming from direct experience about the inner anatomy of our bodies (physical, vital and beyond), it is not wise to visualize for example a certain current going somewhere or doing something we don't know a thing about. If you want to rebalance your sixth chakra but haven't seen or felt the inner light that lightens the vital, pranic ,body yet, I advice you to do a meditation just on the intention of balance, the concept of balans and tranquillit; harmony.

Put your attention gently on the sixth chakra and project the intention of balance, purity and harmony into that area, just keep the attention in that area as you focus on balance, Satva. Can you do this? Can you focus on a mental concept alone even though it has no mental picture or specific shape?

Meditation on form and energies is more easy because that way we can visualize something. We have an image, something concrete to focus on. But when the 'object' of meditation becomes a quality or state of nature (state of the gunas), it becomes very abstract to our mind, so we have to trust in what we focus on.

Just focus on whatever balance and harmony means to you. If there is a picture associated for you, that's fne, focus on that as you focus on balance/harmony. Do this while becoming present with your awareness in the area of the sixth chakra.

So instead of doing a technique, just focus on a feeling, on an intention. This works very powerful. Just let the universe do the work for you, all you need is attention on what you want and the balance will probably be restored.

Don't fear, have faith.

Love & Light,

Bentinho Massaro
Pandara2010-07-05 00:04:32 +0000 #3
Hi Jaj,

I fully agree with Benthino. However, my question to you is, what did you do, what practices did you perform, if any, for the energy in this Chakra to become so imbalanced? Perhaps you must back track a little and see where did you do something that might have caused the imbalance and with the advice of Benthino try to correct it through his advice.
jaj2010-07-05 00:13:24 +0000 #4
Bentinho, thank you for what sounds like very simple and sensible guidance. I will try this. It is hard to focus intent without images for me, because I am visual. But I can start with concepts, such as my balance within society, in family, in friendships, in work, in my daily discplines, in diet/exercise/physically etc. These concepts them evoke images.

To answer Pandara, It was due to trauma during a period of my life when I was fervently seeking spiritual understanding of the world around me. I was quite driven and curious about everything. I was preyed upon by someone and this effect happened during my exposure to him. My intense curiosity about him opened me up for it.

I could not even tell you the day I noticed it first,just the two months or so during which it began. This person suppressed me severly, bore down on me, didn't respect borders and had some kind of underlying deep deep misery. Having never met anyone so troubled, I did not realize what I was engaging with. He didn't appear troubled on the surface. He was quite intelligent and I am well educated and his knowledge of math was very good. I minored in math. I was drawn to him by that and had led a sheltered campus life and did not recognize the elements, partly hidden, of a broken bitter life except as stereotypes. But that is what he had.

I did not realize that he was having a powel affect on me or even that such a powerful affect could be possible. I was destabilized and didn't realize it until it had happened. I had never been vicious to a friend in my life - I had no idea about people like this. At any rate, I was lacking in experience and was vulnerable. I betrayed and forfeited myself by accident, gradually and imperceptively.

I was espcially vulnerable at the time because things were happening that were new to me, and confusing. I had visions sometimes that I was trying to understand, and so, it was not a good time for someone like that to be around me. It was a delicate time. My sureness in footing, my stability was woobly anyway.

The encocunter with him left me with this congestion that has waned but ultimately been very recalcitrant, difficult to address. Now I want to implement a strong discipline for good health, with exercise and yoga at least three times a week. (BTW, if I start taking a Yoga class, which kind of Yaga would be the best, considering what I have disclosed?)

Does anything I am saying make sense? He had a way of undermining the best aspects of my personality. It was damaging and more damaging than I would have predicted, or ever knew was possible before that. Because I was quetioning so much at the time, and so driven to learn all, any tiny lack of onfidence in myself, my lack of knowing even, worked agaisnt me very severly.



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