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Physical and emotional response, confused by this...

Kitty3672010-07-05 03:43:41 +0000 #1
Hi to all, my name is Trina,

I'm fairly new to yoga, took a course a year ago for six weeks and want to join another group.

I've recently been under a lot of stress, and told I have an anxiety disorder. Have had heart palpitations, shaking spells, but my heart ultrasound is normal and holter monitor normal.

I want to control my anxiety myself, the anti anxiety med makes me feel lethargic. So, I got a book and started doing some yoga exercises.

The exercises help tremendously, however when I do the Warrior I or II poses, an odd thing happens. My heart rate jumped to about 120, and my bp went up to 150/77. (yes I checked it while doing the pose!) Last night I even felt my pulses bounding.

I held the pose for about five minutes, felt a little dizzy

(a floaty feeling), and could feel the anxiety and emotion surfacing. The first time I tried this pose, I began to shake. My bp returns to a perfect 108/70 or in that range and my heart rate returns to normal after. I find that when I am done I feel less anxiety, and over the past five days it has improved.

Is this normal? Please, I would love input.

Thankyou so much, Trina

Bentinho Massaro2010-07-05 03:57:12 +0000 #2
If it helps and improves,stabilizes, then it is good. I cannot give medical advice, but just stay alert, yet relaxed and confident. Don't stress too much about your heart rate. If you check your heart rate while doing the pose, that's ok, but if you keep doing that, you are missing the point of hatha yoga poses.

They are just the physical form that anchor the mind to the place and time of your body (here and now) so you can forget all else and be absorbed by what you are doing at the moment. Focus your attention on the body and let go of everything. If you keep checking your heart rate while in the pose because you want to reduce your anxiety and stressfulness in the process of it al, you are being stressful by doing just that. Just do the pose, surrender to the pose, surrender to your heart and let go. Don't try to control in any way whatsoever. That way, energy will flow and stabalize the heart chakra, which won't miss it's possitive results on your physical heart.

But as you said, you feel less anxiety when you are done, and in the last five days it has improved. So my bet is that these asanas do you good indeed. Keep doing them the way you do, just relax and surrender more in the process. Don't try to keep track of it all even though it is a nice experiment.
Pandara2010-07-05 03:52:35 +0000 #3

Benthino's advice is excellent and if you follow that it can only help. I want to draw your attention to another aspect as well. You say that you are new to yoga and already hold the poses for 5 minutes. This is my own perception and the way I was taught yoga by my teacher, but in the beginning of yoga one should never hold the poses that long, 1 minutes at the most and gradually you increase your holding time as you make progress over the years.

Yoga is a gentle art and one should ease into it slowly,yoga takes time and needs time to work with you. Relax about your heart rate and enjoy the journey.
Kitty3672010-07-05 04:45:11 +0000 #4
So, is the heart rate increase due to exertion then? It definetly releases anxiety when I do it, sometimes I break into a sweat. I prefer this to taking the anti anxiety med that they gave me, it makes me feel out of it.

Thankyou for your input, Trina



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