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Tennis elbow

DonnaL2010-07-05 01:55:33 +0000 #1
I have developed tennis elbow in my right arm, and need some help in treating it. I did it with a combination of digging hard earth with a trowel over a few weekends, and nadi sodhana every day for 6 weeks without supporting my arm, always using the right arm and hand (hmmm, rajasic and heedless).

I have switched hands for nadi sodhana, supporting the elbow just below shoulder level, with fingertips placed on the third eye instead of bent into the palm; and no more digging. I have also started the squash and rice diet. to try to ease the inflammation. Any suggestions on specific postures/exercises to strengthen the pronators/supinators in the forearm, as well as postures to definately avoid? I have eased off on my Ashtanga vinyasa practice, as weight bearing postures like down dog, up dog, chatteranga really aggravate my elbow.

Thanks, any suggestions appreciated...

InnerAthlete2010-07-05 02:10:37 +0000 #2
Hello Donna,

Are you self-diagnosing?

Either way, I'd like to know the protocols followed to arrive at "tennis elbow".

Tennis Elbow is lateral epicondylitis and is often confused with the two other common strains in the joint; medial epicondylitis and bursitis. You may already know this as you've used some anatomy terms. I try though not to make assumptions.

Do you have pain when lifting even light objects?

Do you have difficulty extending the arm fully?

Is the pain recurring and located at the outside of the upper forearm just below the elbow joint?

Regardless of diagnosis you have some issue at the elbow where you feel inflammation is resulting.

An Ashtanga practice would be counter productive to healing this sort of thing. Since they are often considered RSi injuries (repetitive strain) any vinyasa where there is load on the joint is not appropriate. I do not know what "backing off" means exactly so I cannot comment more fully on your asana or its sequencing.

I would not focus on strengthening (pronators/supinators) while the joint is aggravated. Once the flaring and inflammation subsides then you could, gently, begin such work. In the meantime....

1. gentle traction of the limb in question (elbow)

2. rest, some compression, some elevation

3. hydrotherapy - very cold water on the elbow then very hot water (in the shower) alternating and going for about 30 seconds each.

4. avoid wheat, dairy, and refined sugars (not to mention caffeine).

5. Tumeric beverage twice per day (or some other anti imflammatory of your choosing).

6. If you know your dosha than rub the appropriate oil for it on the elbow joint. Ten minutes of gentle, loving rubbing, once in the a.m. and once at night before bed. If you do not know your dosha then use untoasted organic sesame seed oil.

This should give you plenty to do and likely give you a sense of how committed you are to healing the injury.



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