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pain in lower buttock,calf muscles and hamstrings....

quasar2010-07-05 09:07:09 +0000 #1
hi everyone,

i have this mild to some times severe pain , starting from my lower buttock

upto hamstrings and calf muscles in my left leg when i raise my leg upward

without bending my does not pain while sitting /standing.standing

for long hours results in a mild pain near the buttock.this has been for 2

months it sciatica? i had quite a few prescribed drugs but no relief.

i m 21 yrs of age and new to yoga..plz suggest me a remedy and

some yogas...thnk u........ plzzzzzzzzzz
Nichole2010-07-05 09:20:27 +0000 #2

Who has prescribed your medications? What has their opinion been of your injury?

What causes you more pain? Has anything lessened the pain?

What is the quality of the pain? There is usually a strong difference for most people between nerve pain and muscle strains (degree of muscle tears).

What have you done to help besides medications? massage? heat? ice?

Kind wishes,



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