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Rig Veda question

Arjun2010-07-04 23:08:27 +0000 #1
Can anyone tell me how did the historians put a date on the origin of Rig Veda ?
Willem2010-07-04 23:17:53 +0000 #2
By looking at the internal evidence in the Rig Veda (e.g. use of metal, types of deities, geography, astronomical evidence, the type of Sanskrit) and comparing this to archaelogical finds and other religious texts. There are those historians who have tried to link the Rig Veda to the Indus-Harappa civilization (say 3000 - 1900 BC). The more common opinion is that the Rig Veda dates to 1500 - 1000 BC, and was "imported" by the Indo-Europeans (Aryans) who migrated to India. A latest date to the Rig Veda is about 1000 BC, because it makes no mention of iron, a metal which is found after that date in India. The earliest date of 1500 BC corresponds to after the "disappearance" of the Indus civilization. The Indus civilization artefacts show zoomorphic deities (like the unicorn bull) and there are no remains of horses whereas the Rig Veda mentions mostly anthropomorphic deities and the domestication of horses. Having said all this, there is still heated debate on this issue. See "The Vedic Age" by Irfan Habib and Vijay Kumar Thakur, Aligahr 2003 for one view. See Feuerstein, Kak, Frawley "In search of the cradle of civilization", Motilal 1995 for another.
Rashmi2010-07-04 23:32:12 +0000 #3
Dear friends

namaste to all,

the knowledge of four vedas were originated in the heart of four rishis of previous creation whose names are agni, vayu, angira and aaditya of unsexual creation (in present kaliyogu the birth of ramkrishna was of asexual creation around 1856 Adif you read his biography).These four rishis have surpassed every thing in the worship of God in the previous creation.These facts are mentioned in the vedas itself.Then this knowledge by mouth to the first human beings

Yajurveda chapter 31, Rigveda Mandal 10 sukta 129, Atharvaveda 8/11/3-6 & Saamveda 617 already say that the knowledge of four Vedas is direct from Almighty God at the time of creation. Knowledge can be given only when someone gives knowledge to others. That is why before more than 5000 years Rishi Patanjali told in Yog Shashtra Sutra 1/26 that almighty God is the Spiritual master of all human beings. In the Vedas there is no mention of any sects & caste system. We the mankind are the children of only one Almighty God, our father. Manu Smariti is also a holy book written by Manu after studying Vedas. Manu Smariti give the proof in its chapeter one that the present time of the Earth is 7th Manvanter uptil now 6 Manvanter have passed. Those are Swayambhar, Swarochish, Ottmi, Tamas, Ryivat & Chakshash, now its 7th Manvanter. 71 Chaturyugi=1 Manvanter. There are four Yug: Satyug, Treta, Dwapur & Kaliyug.

Satyug = 17 lakhs 28 thousand years

Treta = 12 lakhs 96 thousand years

Dwapar = 8 lakhs 64 thousand years

Kaliyug = 4 lakhs 32 thousand years

The total of four yugas comes to 43 lakhs & 20 thousand years which is equal to one Chaturyugi. 71 Chaturyugi i.e., 30 crore 67 lakhs & 20 thousand years equal to one Manvanter & 6 Manvanter have yet passed whose calculation comes to one Arab 84 crore 30 lakhs & 20 thousand years. This is 7th Manvanter & 28 Chaturyugi & the present Kaliyug has passed its time of 5002 years. So uptil now the age of the earth & Vedas is one Arab 96 crore 8 lakhs 53 thousands & 2 years. Bhagwat Geeta Shaloka 8/17 also says about this fact. ManuSmariti Shaloka 1/64 to 1/80 also says at that time there were no any sects or caste system. And there was no any word Hindu at that time.

Yajurveda chapter 31, Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 129 Mantra 1-6, Saam veda Mantra 11/8/3-6 says that this Universe including Earth and all human beings is the creation of one Almighty God. Manu Smariti Shaloka 1/21 also says that cow, horse, mankind etc., made by God and its name were made from Vedas. Shaloka 1/136-141 & 2/17 says that on whole of the Earth, the man & woman took birth only in Trivishtup (present tibbet)

Those who have good qualities they were named Arya and who were entangled in bad deeds were called Dasyu (dacoit or Asur). The whole of the mankind at that time were called Aryans and Dasyus accordingly. After so many years the Aryans came down and where they started living they name the place Aryavrat and long afterwards it was named as Bhartvarsh. Bharat means Vedvani that is Ved Mantras in four Vedas as mentioned in Rigveda Mantra 3/53/12. The meaning of said Mantra is that Almighty God does protection of all those who know and respect the Bhartam (Ved Mantras).

Till the advent of mahabharat Kal this knowledge was imparted by mouth, Mharashi ved jvyas wrote it on bhoj patras around 5026 years back for the sake of humanity as the the rishi know past present furure by the power of astha siddhis gained by the preach of vedas , hard tapasya of astanga yoga.So he might be aware by the future.

The facts are taught to me by my guru further same thing was told by swami dayanand saraswati.and many yogis who have taken birth.You can check any arya samaj site to verify.The biggest proof itself is manusmriti writtenn by lord manu the first king of earth, he was son of vaiwaswat (Gita of krishna has a mention of this) is available to us today, which was preserved by the brahmins of india if you corelate the facts you can understand it well.Further vedas have preserved everything in them the continuity of civilisation too.The practice of yoga and progress in spiritual dimension itself is proof of divine origin of vedas.You do it as vedas say and realise it yourself



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