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libby822010-07-05 06:27:01 +0000 #1

Does anyone know any nice places to go in Turkey where yoga classes are available? Or know any yoga teachers in Turkey that I could contact.

I am going on a trip to Turkey in late September and would like to practice yoga with a teacher but do not want to go on an organised holiday.

Any information is appreciated.

Mirjana2010-07-05 06:32:51 +0000 #2
Hi libby,

1 year and half ago I was travelling together with my friend for 3 months in Turkey. We were with the car and camping equipment. We went all around Turkey. I remember that place Kabak (western mediterranean) is mentioned in Lonely planet guide as "frequented by yoga devotees". I can't tell more beacuse we were just camping nearby. That time I had very little experiances with yoga. I wasn't really practicing yet.

And if you are in Istanbul you probably also won't have difficulties to find a yoga class.

Enjoy your holidays!



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