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roshrosh2010-07-04 23:19:01 +0000 #1
hi everyone,

I'm only new to the site and I'm so glad I stumbled across these boards! I am only 21 but have been studying yoga on and off for around 6 years. I spent the summer in Nepal at the Nepali yoga centre in Pokhara and beame extremely dedicated with practice. Since returning home I have started back in college and am unable to keep regular attendance at a class. I can already feel myself stiffing up! Would anyone have any adivce on dvds or auido cd's that might provide good instruction. Im not beginner and as most of the dvds out there seem to be tailored to new comers I'm a bit lost as to what to go for...

any adivce would be gratefully recieved
justwannabe2010-07-04 23:33:29 +0000 #2

the yoga 101 is a great cd, I have it myself and it if very informative because there is a lot more to a pose than just the form.

I have tried DVD's but trying to watch and do yoga did not mix well for me
Trinity2010-07-04 23:33:13 +0000 #3

There are many DVD’s on the market these days ranging from Restorative to Power yoga, all of them offering a different message and focus. Rodney Yee has several that I know are good. Eoin Finn from Vancouver BC has two power yoga DVD’s : on the market that I believe you can get online both of which are fun and invigorating.




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