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Hubert2010-07-05 01:21:42 +0000 #1
Woke up the other night, could not sleep, and sat to half lotus (with a cushion under the bottom, I find this comfortable and steady)

After a while, I begun to feel my body heavy, I felt it's real weight, the arms like chunks of meat hanging down, but the torso also, a sensation of terrifying heavyness. The feeling what comes with it is one of being determined, pinned, a depressing steadiness. It is very physical. I recall that I had this state in my early childhood, at nighttime, so powerful experience that I immediatley recognized it now. These two experiences strangley, feel so close as time did not exist between them.

Now that I write it down, it comes to my mind that it has also contains a feeling of choking, between the heart and throat level.

Any such experience, idea, advise ? It is not very uncomfortable, but it is something I feel I should not experience.



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