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Yoga and sinus headache

gadanki2010-07-05 05:54:37 +0000 #1

My husband wanted me to teach yoga ,a week has passed since we started it ,twice we called off all of a sudden ,when i tried to teach him pavana mukht asana ,as and when he lifted his head ,terrible headache striked,today he felt so bad that he vomited later , can any one tell me how to handle this situation.
Nichole2010-07-05 06:06:28 +0000 #2
Namaste Sonu,

I hope that you have stopped all practice with your husband for the time being, as this could be more serious than just transient headaches.

- Has he been to his doctor about these symptoms?

- Does he have high blood pressure?

- Where does the pain occur in his head? Does he also have blurred or disrupted vision with these headaches? Or eye pain?

- Or dizziness when standing up after sitting or lying down?

- Or other pitta conditions?

- Any cervical spine injury or pain?

- Does this happen with other activities or only with asana?

- Does this occur during or only after practice has ended?

- Is your yoga training such that you are able to evaluate and adjust his alignment properly?

So many factors could be in play here. I am unsure if help can be given over the forum. Let's see if someone can and will offer more here.

Do you need assistance finding a well-trained yoga therapist or practitioner in your area? If so, reply with your city and people will offer what they can.

Wishing you and your husband well,



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