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shoney452010-07-04 23:36:33 +0000 #1
I am finding it very interesting that it seems pretty impossible to disassociate from its greater Indian religious heritage. I had no intention of adopting any Hindu principles etc when I first started doing yoga. Now I am taking up veganism for example. My awareness of my relationship to the planet has deepened more than I would have ever dreamed. I am far more peaceful in my realtionships with virtually everybody...and far more peaceful in my life. A certain greedy quality continues to leave me...the desire for certain material possessions for example, that even in the short run...won't find me anymore happiness. My realtionship with my wife (which was never bad at all) has become even better, and my love for my daughter continues to blossom in a way that I would have never expected...and whatever blessings I have to give go out to them.

All of this is under the bigger umbrella of conscienciously practicing being content in all my circumstances. I am a pretty intense person, and for my whole life has always had this wanderlust...a desire to go and do new things, etc. This can be a fine trait. However, in my case, I have basically just been wandering from thing to thing for my whole life. So somehow it just started to happen bit by bit until now I am just really blown away by the personal changes in my life. That is all I guess. Take Care.

Sean Clark

Rashmi2010-07-04 23:41:35 +0000 #2
i started yoga in 1999 with a back problem medically referred as spondolysthesis at L5S1.since then life has changed so much.It is almost seven years i have been doing yoga.I am an indian and a hindu.Slowly with yoga i got interested in vedas and with gods grace have found a guru. The teachings of vedas are for human race not for sects unlike present day religions.The mantras were heard and seen by ancient seers in meditation and higher stages of conciousness.Ancient seers used to follow vedas, recite hymns and used to do hard practice of astang yoga, austerities and tapas with appropriate yajnas.There life style was in accordance with vedas.The hymns and mantras are in vedic sanskrit in vedas with heavy symbolism and similes.the literal meaning of words does not apply here they all have deep hidden meanings which traditionally was taught to all disciples orally by gurus from generations to generation.About 50023 years bach Mharshi Vyas compiled and wrote it in bhoj patras.When press came it was printed the copies of which are in market .Each mantra was seen by sages, the sages name is also mentioned in vedas.All the upnishads,mimansas, patanjali sutras gita are based on this.It is beutiful to read and understand these hymns which are power ful. Vedas talk of one omnipotent formless god and give worldly knowledge, science, maths in addition to describig the path how to realise god. All the upnishads talk of sanatan dharma i.e eternal laws of nature not hinduism .this term is in use by invaders after so many invasion of india by arabs,portugeese,greeks,britishers etc.Generally in india idol is worshipped like of Lord Rama (who has taken birth and whose biography was written by rishi Valmiki), Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva/rudra(Rudra word is mentioned in veda) similarly lord hanuman (taken birth during ramas time and so on), Goddess durga nad other forms of divine mother.if you visit India do visit to these sacred places, in temples only hindus are allowed.The spiritual vibrations are strongest here especially kashi/banaras,haridwar etc.If you want to read authentic information about vedas and hinduism please read articles written by realised yogis,souls and timely published articles by maths in india unlike foreign authors instead of interpretations lot of mis representations have come.Please read these web sites :

Vedmandir ::

ATMA JYOTI ASHRAM - Meditation, Monastic Life, Spiritual Writings, and More:

www.indiadivine,com: www.indiadivine,com

.:SAKSI: Home:.:

The True History and the Religion of India:
Nichole2010-07-04 23:49:09 +0000 #3
Namaste Sean and Rashmi,

I want to thank you both for these two posts. I hope you know that sharing of yourselves in this way means so much to the rest of us.

Sean: Your sentiment is palpable and so lovely. It is the fruit of sincere Yoga practice. This is the gorgeous, juicy Yoga that connects us with the grace of God. This is being Yoga, not doing Yoga.

Thank you,
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 00:11:38 +0000 #4
Can prayer be separated from Christianity?

Can bowing be separated from the Muslim faith?

Can keeping kosher be separated from Judaism?

Is prayer exclusive to Christianity? Bowing exclusive to Muslims? Kashrut exclusive to Jews?

Can one keep kosher, pray, bow without being Christian, Muslim, or Jewish?
Rashmi2010-07-05 00:29:38 +0000 #5
Dear friends,


i am pasting one mantra from vedas with full meaning for your knowledge.Actually i want to initiate a thread but don't know how to do it, always fail at that in this forum.If possible please guide me.Dear friend if you are christian just do not ignore this message because Lord Jesus was a great yogi , if you read patanjali yogasutras you will understand how miracles as per law of nature can be performed by any yogi, which were performed in all the yugas by great saints and yogis in India.Jesus certainly was a yogi, his teachings was misinterpreted .Please read autobiography of a yogi by Swami paramhansa Yogananda.This mantra is taught by my guru i am putting for every pure soul

Yajurvaveda mantra 36/24


Meaning: Oh! God you are " Devhitam" beneficial to the learned persons" Shukram" the purest and "Chakshuhu" like the eye you see everybody and "Purustat" right from the eternal period "Uchcharat" You know everything being omniscient. "Tat" therefore we pray"Pashyem" to see you for "Shatam" hundred" Shurdaha" winters and "Jeevaim" may we remain alive "Shatam shurdaha" till hundred winters. " Shrunnyam" may we listen the Vedas and the pious preach for "Shardaha shatam" hundred winters. "Prabravaam" may we study and teach the truth and Vedas for "Shardaha Shatam" hundred winters" Adeenaha Syam" may we be alive as unpitiable "Shardaha shatam" till 100 winters i.e., till 100 years "Shataat" hundred "Shardaha" winters "Bhooyahacha" and more i.e., may we live even for more than 100 winters and may we be listening, preaching and remaining as unpitiable.

Meaning: Oh! God you are beneficial to the learned persons, you are the purest and like the eye you see everybody and right from the eternal period you know everything being omniscient. Therefore we pray to see you for 100 winters and may we remain alive till hundred winters. May we listen the Vedas and the pious preach for hundred winters. May we study and teach the truth and Vedas for 100 winters. May we be alive as unpitiable till 100 winters i.e., till 100 years and more i.e., may we live even for more then 100 winters and may we be listening, preaching and remaining as unpitiable.

Idea: In this mantra, the knowledge to pray God has been given. If we follow the Vedic path and attain the preach of Vedas in life then we will maintain Brahamcharya, good qualities, hard working, honesty, progress in spiritualism as well as in science and in other worldly matters etc. Then while discharging the moral duties for self, family, society and nation, we will get salvation. Also as a result of study of Vedas and Ashtang yoga practice, we may be able to attain ill free, long life with all healthy senses, perceptions, mind and intellect etc., for 100 years and even more.

Rjigveda mantra 6/9/4

Rigveda mantra 6/9/4 states that God as well as soul reside within human body.



Words Meaning:- Oh! Learned (Pashyat) see (imam) this - God, who is (Dhruvaha) firm- unchangeable cannot be deshaped, cannot be broken into pieces(Nishataha) exists (Prathamaha) the first (Hota) giver (Ayam) this and (Martyeshu) in the destructible bodies (Idam) this-God (Amritam) immortal (Jyotihi) self-enlightened God and (Ayam) this (Amartayahatanva) by human body (Vardhmanaha) seems to be increasing (aa) from all sides(Jajyen) appears (saha) he is soul.

Meaning:- Oh! Learned see this God, who is firm -unchangeable, can not be deshaped, cannot be broken into pieces and exists everywhere. He is the first giver of all matters to us. The God resides in the destructible/perishable bodies. The God who is immortal is like a light of sun i.e., He is self-enlightened. Secondly, the immortal soul also resides in the human body, appears to be increasing from all sides in the shape of human body.

Idea:- In the human body there are two live matters. One is God and second is soul. Both are eternal and self-existing. Of the two one is soul who possesses limited knowledge, and occupies limited place, known when he takes body otherwise remains unknown, faces the result of previous lives deeds- pious deeds or sins.

Second is Almighty, Omnipresent God having unlimited qualities. He is firm, can't be deshaped, knows all about the universe etc., never faces the result of any deeds. Human body is meant to realize soul and God.
ginkgo2010-07-05 00:29:57 +0000 #6
Many think of yoga as just the postures. But they are just a part of yoga. The postures keep the body healthy so you can meditate many hours and become one wiith the oneness. I got into the postures and then read a book on the philosophy. I knew that was the purpose of my life. Yoga means 'to join' like in becoming one with the Self, God, or the soul.

Here is a quote from the site below: "Wikipedia says, under Yoga Philosophy, "In all branches of yoga, the ultimate goal is the attainment of an eternal state of perfect consciousness." People can reach a state of consciousness which is what they have always been looking for. Read this short article, What is Enlightenment.: It has info from top psychologists, medicine and the science of cosmology on you and feeling perfect peace and limitless happiness. The epilogue (concluding section) of the article has a quote from ancient scriptures talking about the "unitive state."
Rashmi2010-07-05 00:28:26 +0000 #7
Today by chance i happened to search a wonderful site which gives wonderful information on sanatanaa dharma .Serious spiritual seekers i advise to visit

Hindu Wisdom:

may god bless all

shoney452010-07-05 01:56:05 +0000 #8
I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago when I went hiking. I went to the Forrest Lakes region in CO and did an eight mile round trip hike. The hike to the lakes has a two thousand foot elevation gain, and is at around ten thousand feet. As I hiked, I was resolute not to stop and take a break. I focused on my belly and resolved to breath through the discomfort and not stop no matter what. I began to experience a bright ball of orange light in my belly and just kept focusing on that for the entire hike. I finally arrived at the top and made it the entire way without stopping. I had eaten a few bananas in the morning, and drank a quart of water before the hike. I didn't eat or drink anything else until I got back to my car later that afternoon. So the only thing pushing me on was that orange light in my belly, and focused breathing.

I got to the top, I enjoyed my own private sub-alpine lake, did some brief meditation (until too many flies landed on me, and I found it too distracting) relaxed for a bit, and then started to head back down. The really amazing thing was the hike back down. it is as though the struggle of so intently focusing on my breathing gave way to a very blessed release as I meandered back down the mountain. The idea of ahimsa became very clear to me. It is nothing that I can put into words. It was only something that I can experience. Ahimsa is infinite, there is no end to the concept. Simply gazing at a blade of grass can be done ahimsa...with total love and respect. It was totally amazing. The whole experience was very ecstatic for several hours basically until I went to a psychiatrists office, it would probably be considered symptomatic of bipolar disorder. I was basically loopy with total joy

The neat thing however, is that while the ecstasy has left me. The experience stays and continues to affect my life. That is what is so neat. It has left me with a profound peace and sense of stability that I didn't have before. Now, when I do paschimotasana for example, I am able to 'relax' into the pose instead of striving for it. That is the best way I can vocalize it. I get why Iyengar says why the belly must become as suptle as dough when doing the asana. When I stopped striving, I was able to place my face onto my legs beyond my knees. It took me a long time to be sure. I had to stay in teh asana for nearly ten minutes, and very slowly extend the length of my stretch so as not to cause another injury. When I got there however, I felt just fabulous. And during the slow lengthening of the asana, I experience a certain unity with the universe around me that I really just simply can't put into words. I am not claiming to be enlightened...or anything even close to it. I am just saying that the practice of yoga is impacting my life ins a way that I would literally have never imagined when I started. Even tough my bizarre, hellbent desire to do padmasana is only a couple of months removed from me, it feels like an eternity ago. God, I have never been more happy or peaceful in my entire life.

At any rate, striving (at least in the manner that most Western sports for example grunt and strive to achieve their goals) just doesn't work with yoga. The irony (vis-a-vis the western mind at any rate) is that very quickly some of the asanas I have been working on suddenly became very easy with this understanding. Halasana for example is one. I would try and work on it before, and there would be a pain in my upper back that would force me to quit. Now, quite suddenly it is gone. I am able to do the posture with no props for five minutes. It is not perfect to be sure, but I am not in pain. Anyway, that day of hiking was totally amazing. I have been so un at ease for so long...expecially since I have gotten married and had a child as I have struggled to raise my family. I am a musician by trade (a classical guitarist), and that is a pretty hard living. So I am going back to school to become a high school teacher, and have been quite intimidated by the prospect for some reason. Yoga however, has somehow taken the edge off of my life. I feel so much more positive about my future. I don’t know how, but everything is going to be ok. It is great to have that emotional energy to commit towards love for my family instead of worry.

Well, thanks for listening folks. Ciao and Take Care.


Hubert2010-07-05 00:48:33 +0000 #9
Wow. I wish you the bests, shoney45, your post is very inspiring. How old is your kid ? We have a 7 months old babygirl.

I also experienced something important yesterday. I was walking aimlessly after a little quarrel with my wife ... we are usually peaceful but sometimes, every, three-four months when we are both tired sparks just arise. I use to leave, without saying a word because this creates the necessary space to cool down, and usually after 5 minutes, we change messages that we are OK. Yesterday was a day like this, and after the makeup message I decided to just walk because the dusk was beautiful. I was still heavy with other issues, and I just walked and let my mind wonder. The wind was cold, and I was a wearing just a T-shirt, but I just went on, and felt the fire inside me ... long surpressed anger gave birth to violent thoughts, thoughts I used to block because they clearly break ahimsa. Now I could not block them anymore, and let them do their worst, feeling them and getting my satisfaction through them. They came as a storm, and I was carried by them, and I let their energy dissipate into the great cold sky of the dusk ... and than it was over. Peace and relief came, and I realized, I needed this for so long.

I remember Jung's dream and his fight with it for weeks, an obscene dream, where he pictured God's huge bottom appearing above their church. He was raised in a very religious environment, so this thought tormented him for weeks, until he could not resist imagining a heavenly defecation, what broke the church's roof. Than suddenly all his quilt disappeared and he felt immense Grace for the first time in his life.

I learned that I am not so pure, no matter if I try to behave like i'd be one. Letting my poison go, in a neutral environment, without actually doing something violent, is the best I can do for now.
shoney452010-07-05 00:07:26 +0000 #10
Hi Hubert - We also have a daughter that is seven months old. She was born on November 30 last year. I think I am in a similar boat. I have had a pattern for a long time of going along through life, and when the struggles become more intense than at other times, there will inevitably be something that comes along that is especially frustrating, nerve-wracking etc. at which point I completely lose my cool, the profanity flows freely, and any and all good juju I may have had goes right down the toilet. Since I have gotten married about two years ago, those moments have been coming more and more frequently...largely due to financial concerns...but for any number of other reasons as well. Those moments are fading more and more though. I am able to breath through a lot more of them instead of just immediately giving into desparation. Not always though.

The most recent one was myself and my wife (who is Chinese) arrived at DIA airport to go to Singapore to show our baby to her parents, and we were told we couldn't board the plane because of a minor paperwork glitch. I kept my cool for a while but we kept on running into Northwest Airline employees who basically did little more than laugh right in our face about our misfortune. Well, I finally lost it and gave into hopelessness. In the end we finally found an employee to help us figure out what to do and we got on the plane. We arrived by mistake at the airport three hours early. It turned to be providential however, since it took that long to struggle with NW airlines. To finally get on the plane we did an O.J. running along with our bags, and a baby through the airport...with my wife clenching every muscle in her body to keep her urine inside of her body (since there hadn't even been a chance to go to the bathroom) and literally made it onto the plane as the steward was reaching out to prepare to close the door. The point is that everything turned out ok and that I never needed to lose my cool. So for me, those are kind of the ultimate test of my character...will I maintain my cool and just breath through my troubles...knowing that somehow things work out...or do I lose it? That is my big struggle.


shoney452010-07-05 04:16:10 +0000 #11
BTW - I understood the analogy of Jung's dream. Since however, I had never heard of that dream, I laughed and laughed. That just sounded very bizarre. LOL.





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