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Be a Meditation Teacher from your Home

lhepner2010-07-05 01:12:48 +0000 #1
Hello everyone,

I am new to this board. I am searching for people who want to support me in my goal of helping 100,000 people develop the habit of meditation and live from the inside out.

I have created a 21 day program (with a lifetime of support) that helps people develop the "habit" of meditation. (And it's more than meditation it's about living from a place of Presence).

Anyway, in order to reach the goal of 100,000 people, I need more facilitators. These "classes" are done via teleconference for 21 days in a row. I have all the materials and will teach "facilitators" the 21 day format in detail.

However, the first requirement is that you participate in a 21 day meditation circle. So if anyone is interested in being a "facilitator" I will gift the 21 day meditation circle to you!

See more info at: Meditation Challenge: Meditation Instruction, Meditation Practice, Meditation Class, Learn to Meditate:

Pick a circle (coming up July 17th and July 30th) and let me know which one you want to take and I will sign you up for it...

Thanks for raising consciousness and supporting humanity by helping people develop the habit of meditation.

For those of you who are yoga teachers, this would be a wonderful adjunct to your practice...


Lisa Hepner



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