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What Yoga Style for Elderly?

Blazeyoga2010-07-05 02:25:10 +0000 #1
Hi all.

I have been doing Yoga for a couple of months now and my Mum was interesting in taking it up. The style i am doing is Ashtanga (cause it's just down the road!) and i really enjoy it but think it might be to rigorous for my Mum even if taken softly.

My mother is 56. a few years ago she broke her leg near the ankle and subsequently this threw her hip and lower back out. After rehabilitation and physiothearapy she is pretty good now but her hip still isn't 100%

Can anyone recommend a soft style of Yoga that would be suitable for my Mum?
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 02:36:01 +0000 #2
There are some gentle yoga programs. I believe Lilias Folan still has a show perhaps and the video "Lilias Silver Yoga Series". But, I have not viewed it so caveat emptor.

Viniyoga is also quite gentle.

For us, in Purna Yoga, that which we are able to teach is malleable to the student, their life, and their body. In this way the practice is a practice for life. You continue to deepen your practice as the body grows rather than having to "switch". So we do work with students of all ages and all degrees of wellness.



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