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Hip Dysplasia

lpmyogi2010-07-05 06:48:47 +0000 #1
Two years ago while in physical therapy for a minor back injury, the therapist told me to have my left hip checked as he thought it might be degenerate. Xrays & othropedist confirmed hip dysplasia in both hips. My left is much less mobile than the right but so far it has not kept me from an active lifestyle.

I have been practicing yoga for years on and off but for the last 6 months have been practicing (and loving!!!) Ashtanga daily, mostly Primary Series. Locus comes on most days as do the mariches but some days I feel sore in my left hip after practice.

My question is this: Are there poses I should modify or monitor to maintain/increase stability in my hips? My guess is that yoga will only help and hopefully delay further degeneration and eventual hip replacement. I am otherwise fit & healthy. Mukunda, I would appreciate your expertise.
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 06:55:24 +0000 #2
I am sure Mukunda will weigh in with a thorough assessment as per your request. In the meantime I'll offer an outline backed by slightly less experience.

What you are able to do and what you should do can be different things.

And overall it is not "Yoga" that makes it okay but rather a combination of biomechanical integrity and mindfulness in practice. You may have both, one, or neither. So the delay or avoidance of further hip issues would result from doing yoga in "such a way" rather than from simply doing "Yoga".

I have done the primary series a time or two. And to me there are certainly some things to consider in terms of asana practice and modifications when one has the sort of hip issue you mention. For me personally, while I found the primary ashtanga series to be entertaining, occupying, and endorphin releasing it would not be the sort of practice I would consider as "therapeutic and for my body thus would not be appropriate.

However, it would be better to do a practice that brings you the intense joy you mention then to modify your practice and be miserable doing it. That is to say that your attitude counts a great deal.

Continuing to do the practice I would certainly avoid jumpings of any sort.

As I am not familiar with many of the yang practices I cannot go through the poses one by one for modification. Maybe Mukunda can.



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