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Help with forward bends

bro richard2010-07-05 01:58:39 +0000 #1
I can not bend over very good in sitting forword bends. It looks like my hips roll back. Is these any thing or asanas to help me with this.Thanks
Janet Carpenter2010-07-05 02:04:15 +0000 #2
People crawl


they walk, and walk


they run.

Yogis sit, tailbone plugged into the floor, crown of head stretched toward the ceiling with legs straight and heels extended toward the wall ahead


they stretch open the distance between vertebrae as they breathe in and lift themselves up, and lift themselves up


they begin to lean forward with a straight back, like a jackknife closing.

Some babies start out running, but most crawl for quite a while. See if sitting upright with legs extended on the floor in front of you stretches hamstrings, lower back muscles, challenges lower abdomen strength. This is actually quite a challenging position and prepares the yogi for a deeply open forward bend.

Breathe in, extending spine upward and breathe out, letting a tiny microbend occur forward. Imagine these breaths as tiny slaves carrying the bricks that are building the Great Pyramids of your perfect yoga asana. Someday, each breath's tiny contribution will add up to something wonderous and impressive in your yoga practice. After at least five breaths, or when it seems optimum to you, allow yourself to relax your shoulders and head toward your knees, and your arms to drape toward the floor.
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 02:03:48 +0000 #3
brother richard,

Who is instructing you please? What is your yoga background?

Which poses are you referring. How ald are you and what is your health status?

These are critical question even if a computer chip answers you rather than the human beings visiting the board.

We can't see your practice so we are relying on YOU to provide a verbal picture through words.

the short answer, though not a fully correct one, is do not do those forward bends until you develop the appropriate alignment and actions and/or do them with props (or bent knees). But again, all this, and more, should come from a teacher.



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