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Pls advise me

yoga_selva2010-07-05 03:19:09 +0000 #1

An year back i was 75 Kg and my height is 167Cm. As i worked in Night shifts i had only fruits and juice , avoided take heavy food and reduced my weight upto 67Kg... I got job transfer to another place and i did not follow up any diet or excersise and start to eat heavy food and oil foods.. , again increased to 74 Kg. Now i planned to go for Yoga... I planned to diet and do exercise... I start to exercise like jogging,skipping rope, then i got a Yoga practice book. Daily i use to follow those exercise and reduced my weight upto 70kg...But i don't know i am doing proper yoga or not.... until last month...eventhough i am fat ...i am ok ..But now i guss (due to improper yoga) i am facing some issues... That is Breathing issues.... 2 min once i am taking deep breath(gives me relaxation and satisfication) automatically and sometimes breathing through mouth..... or 5 min once i am doing like that....

But while i am sleeping....i am doing proper breathing....and when i wake up and think of this breath...i am doing many times deep breath within a minute...

(I feel my lungs needs more oxygen ..when i practiced i stopped to do Yoga...but still i feel to do deep breath 3 min once)...

Anybody pls give me advice ..what can i do ... I am planning to go to Lungs specilist or going to Yoga class and get proper guidance...???

Thanks in Advance,


InnerAthlete2010-07-05 03:35:49 +0000 #2
Hello Selva,

while your actual weight of course is important it is not as important as how you feel. Diffferent people have different optimal body weights. This is not the perspective of the American Medical Association, for example, as they use a chart for weight that is relative to height and age. And that is one gauge. But there is variance and one person may feel great at 67kg and another at 70kg. I am of course assuming that the feeling great is authentic and the person is not obese and simply pretending to feel great as a positive affirmation.

So it is important to focus on how you feel at this weight, otherwise you are simply trying to fit someone else's ideal of you.

That having been aid I'd like to shift to your breathing issue. Before we can delve into that with any depth can you carefully explain the pranayama techniques you were employing? I would also liek to know your age and fitness background.

I look forward to your reply.



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