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Changing Methods

yoggy2010-07-05 07:44:47 +0000 #1
Hell ppl..

I started doing yoga about 3 months ago. Its going very nice and getting me help to gain spiritual values also. What I like it know is I have a guru teaching me Yog here and what I like to ask is can I change the methods of one that I am using. Because some other people doing yoga saying its ok to change if approved by Guru. And I dont want to ask my GURU about that cuz u know...

So please suggests ,,,

thank you all

InnerAthlete2010-07-05 07:50:55 +0000 #2
Hello Charlene,

The question that comes up from your post (for me) is this:

If you have placed the trust of your growth with your teacher (who you are referring to as Guru) then what is the motivation for making the changes you are asking about?

Changing methods is not inherently bad (or good for that matter) as we all have free choice/free will. You may do as you please. But you have created a student-teacher relationship with the one you call guru which means you are placing your learning in her/his hands. You have accepted this person as "teacher" and now after only 3 months you want to make change.

It raises the question of your commitment to the relationship you have created. And it is one YOU created, not I. So you have used free will. and that same free will may be used to go in another direction. Again, it is perfectly fine to do and choose. Three months does not seem like enough time, to me, for branching out. Three years, perhaps. Three decades, for sure.



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