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Kkatsos2010-07-05 01:08:12 +0000 #1
Hello Mukunda:

I was in a yoga therapy training session with you when you guided a student back from the point of a radical car accident where she went through the windshield. It was amazing to witness, and it seemed to bring a very deep sense of relief to her.

I have a student who broke her ankle and tore in half the ligaments on either side of her heel. The doctor opted to stitch them together, therefore reducing her ankle joint mobility. When she attempts to circle her ankles in the JFS she can do so only minimally. Also, she has acute pain in her achilles tendon and takes 3 ibprophens a day. Her accident was not nearly as radical as the woman I mentioned, but would a guided revisit to the point of injury assist this student?

I should also note that she can remember great pain in her feet as a young child due to the fact that she is flat footed, and her parents offered no support or development toward improving her foot pain.

She works with Vets who have Post Tramatic Syndrome,and highly believes in meditation, guided meditation, and breath work, which is why I thought of the guided revisit to her point of injury.

I would appreciate your opinon on this matter.


Mukunda2010-07-05 01:14:05 +0000 #2
KKatsos -

While i feel this would be a great idea, i must caution you that i do not recommend one guide a student into a regression to recover lost healing prana unless they have done the work on themselves first. The steps to take for all yoga therapy training are to first expereince the technique, do it yourself for 30 days consistently then get approval of the teacher to do it on a client or student. By following these protocols there will be integrity as this is sadhana not merely therapy.

namaste mukunda



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