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Nitram2010-07-05 01:55:01 +0000 #1
I am new to this forum but not to yoga. This forum looks like a wonderful informative place and I look forward to reading everyones experiences and answers.

I live a large metropolitan city and got my teacher training three years ago and loved it. I have been teaching at a local gym and I taught each summer in Santa Fe but really haven't taught much else. I have been pursuing a successful career in the arts and didn't really put all of my energy into teaching yoga. In our teacher training they didn't really spend anytime about how to really get started or obtain private clients, etc. I love to teach, have regular students and am looking to really live my practice and share it with others.

If anyone could give me some pointers how to expand my teaching and what direction to go in, I would appreciate it. For instance, do I need to take another teacher training? Do I need to find a private teacher?

InnerAthlete2010-07-05 02:04:58 +0000 #2
It seems you are asking questions only you can answer. What is YOUR path? That is what determines what is next for you. An answer from me may simply be an answer FOR me.

Can you recraft the question in a more specific way?



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