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Jo2010-07-05 06:12:35 +0000 #1
HI, I was wandering if anyone knows of some good websites to give me some ideas on some new wording for guided meditation and relaxation in a yoga class. I can usually centre myself enough that the words just flow naturally and this is good because I'm not thinking too much about it and just say what I feel at the time. The trouble is I'm centred for that moment, but often afterwoods I can't remember what I've said and wonder if I am repeating myself class after class. Even if I'm not reading something word for word, maybe it will trigger a new journey that I am to lead. Thanks, appreciate any help out there.
xela2010-07-05 06:17:47 +0000 #2
I'm not sure about websites, but I was at Barnes & Noble last night and they had some meditation books you could try.
Jo2010-07-05 06:28:32 +0000 #3
Thanks, I don't know Barnes & Noble I think we are from different countries, but you're right I could go and check out some books here.


Originally Posted by xela

I'm not sure about websites, but I was at Barnes & Noble last night and they had some meditation books you could try.
Janet Carpenter2010-07-05 06:46:35 +0000 #4
I am going to ask you to consider: are your guided meditations receiving negative feedback from your students? Positive? None at all?

I am going to challenge you: what is wrong with meditations pulled from your own subconsious? is the only problem that you feel as though you are repeating yourself?

I am going to ask you to see if this fits you: At night and again first thing in the morning in that space between sleep and wakefulness, give yourself permission to go on an imagination journey. Let it be something that you have always wanted to do, at whatever age. With whomever you want. Make yourself smile, laugh, feel like celebrating.

Don't make notes, or belabor the experience one little bit. Don't make any other external effort to try to change the meditations you let flow out of you. Give it a couple of weeks and see what happens. Books are always still available for balancing internal vs externally-generated guided medtiation offerings.
Nichole2010-07-05 06:54:00 +0000 #5
Janet: Jai Ma!

Jo: If you are interested in changing things up, I would recommend trying a short Yoga Nidra with your students during savasana. It is a meditation based on the Tantras and developed by Paramahansa Satyananda. My Nidra teacher, Swami Muktidharma, describes Yoga Nidra as a "simple and powerful technique that has a profound and deeply relaxing effect on the human system." I use it with clients to integrate the benefits of the session deep into the tissues and mind. I think it is a heavenly practice and it is my clients' favorite part our sessions!

Mukunda Stiles, the creator of Structural Yoga Therapy, recommends the Yoga Nidra of Richard Miller. You can find info on both Miller and Swami Muktidharma with a simple google search.

Best wishes in your good work.




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