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Brain tumors

Lars Rimböck2010-07-05 04:13:05 +0000 #1

I´m a yoga teacher from Münster in Germany.

One of my students has brain tumors (asterocyths) and I wonder how I can support him the best in my yoga teachings aside the medical threatment.

I would be very thankful for any tips or contacts to yoga teachers which are expierenced with this.


Nichole2010-07-05 04:16:18 +0000 #2

Here is a 2002 post that Mukunda shared here on the forums. He is answering a question from one of his students about a woman diagnosed with cancer.


Originally Posted by Questioner

A little question to which I am sure there is a big answer, but would like to hear any suggestions to help my friend's mother who was originally diagnosed with brain tumor. Had surgery 1 month ago and removed a 3cm tumor from the left Parietal/Occipital lobe. Further research revealed a much larger tumor in the right lung, carcinoma nonsmoker. She is doing restorative postures once a week. What pranayama and meditation practices would you suggest to assist whatever direction her spirit is taking? Thank you as always. You give me a wonderful example to follow in your path of Karma Yoga.


Originally Posted by Mukunda

For cancer my recommendations are to be as loving as possible and do what is nurturing to Spirit. Yoga also is done in thes way to connect to Spirit and open to the Divine, which is the source of all that is needed. Pranayama to feel the prana - read and contemplate the Yoga Sutras on this - chapter II, 50-53. Begin to direct your mind to feel the experience of what is talked about there and great peace can come. For Asana practice mainly I would recommend that which enhances immune system - gentle flowing vinyasas as variations on inverted poses - bridge, knees to chest, legs up, half Shoulderstand ideally moving more into Viparita Karani than Shoulderstand. Connecting with the energetic benefits of practices has the most nourishment of ojas. Ojas is the physical embodiment of spiritual nutrition. It is stimulated by certain foods - dates, figs, ghee, coconut, Honey, and dairy from well loved cows - take about 1/2- full cup of these daily. It is also generated by hugs, and loving kindness to your self. So remedy is lots of love and Spirit connections.

This is Mukunda's website if you'd like to contact him directly about the specifics of your student's diagnoses. : : Welcome:

Best wishes for your good work.




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