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Maintaining A Peaceful Mind while Ill

Eglaelin2010-07-05 02:58:34 +0000 #1

I am generally a peaceful person. However, I have noticed great difficulty my peaceful state of mind while I am sick. Does anyone have any recommendations to help with this issue? This is one arena of activity where I have difficulty.

In Peace,

souljourney1082010-07-05 03:03:15 +0000 #2
Hi Eglaelin,

Yes...Acceptance. Also, is there attachment to 'your peacefull state of mind'? States of mind change all the time and are not who we are...We are the witness, the watcher of all that arises and passes.

It comes down to do you want peace more than anything? The body will get sick at times and grow old etc. Acceptance.

We can observe also what may have led to the sickness and possible prevent it in future by looking at lifestyle, diet..etc Are activity and rest balanced?

Wish you deep peace,

Trinity2010-07-05 03:42:58 +0000 #3

Thanks for your frank enquiry around which I too am stewing a little. Having been sick on and off more frequently than I wish to admit I am finding the only way through the tyranny of self-judgement is to be honest with myself, give extra care to myself and be totally honest with others who enquire. As a teacher I find myself wanting to somehow manipulate my answer so it sounds more spiritual or somehow lofty but the truth is when I feel like this, the remedy is to share with an open heart, recieve their love and advice with an open mind and heart and get plenty of sleep.

My own attachment to how it's supposed to be is the root of my suffering. My response to what is actual is my only doorway through.

Be inspired by others who suffer much more than us with a cold or somesuch.

Be uplifted by those who wish to give to us.

Rest and renew.




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