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I am new w/ lots of questions

tini12752010-07-05 02:43:16 +0000 #1
Hello to everyone.I would like to borrow some knowledge.I have yet to try yoga.I have recently ordered my self and my daughter a yoga kit,and plan on starting upon arrival.

First question is,truley what is yoga?I have read so many different things,that honestly have confused me.I want to completely understand what it is.Secondly you are probably wondering if I do not know what it is why am I getting in to it.Well last year my 12 yr old daughter was diagnosed w/ aggressive scoliosis.She is 70lbs w/ a curvature of 43 degrees.She is currently in a brace and we have been told to expect spinal surgery in the near future.I have been told by many that yoga is excellent for scoli patients,as I began to read up on yogi I became a bit confused on why.Maybe its because there are so many different kinds.Does anyone have experience w/ scoli and yogi?Any reccomendations on what kind of yoga?I want to be fully educated on the right ways to benefit my daughter and while at it myself.Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
Dream Yogi2010-07-05 02:48:49 +0000 #2
I am not an expert in yoga and don't know next to anything about scoliosis, but what I can suggest is that yoga helps one fix their spinal posture through deep stretching, gradually allowing all the muscles that restrict flexibility (including in the spine) to be loosened and stretched out and made limber and flexible. With these benefits come improved posture and better health and therefore if one has spinal ailments yoga would be a good system to help with.

I know little about these things but my friend is studying to be a chiropractor and he suggests that if one has spine problems they are best getting proper alignment from a chiropractor, that yoga is great but that chiropract-ing is also necessary. Is that something that your daughter could do as well?

I go to one because of some chronic neck problems from wearing backpacks and sitting at computers and playing guitars that have really messed the area up, and it is likely a very helpful thing. Most helpful is to find a doctor you really resonate with, but my insurance didn't cover my doctor of choice, though the one I have is okay.

So you ask what is yoga? Yoga means something akin to "yoke" as in, to yoke oneself to God, to their body, to higher consciousness. It is not always practiced as a spiritual system in America and can be seen as just exercise but this is not how it originated. Generally it is learning how to breathe consciously while stretching the body in a variety of poses designed to elicit certain changes, both energetic and physical, that impact the organs, the muscles, the whole body really, and improve it. Its basically a way to open up completely not just physically, but also spiritually too, establishing an active energy body via opening the chakras, which results in gradual spiritual enlightenment and increased joy and positivity and compassion.

It would be most best if practiced under a teacher of any kind rather than just watching videos, so I would really recommend that.

I hope someone can give a more detailed answer because I am just a beginner with only 2 years of experience.

Your daughter is young enough that she can heal very rapidly though. We get an entirely NEW body every few years, nothing stays the same, cells are always changing and growing and science has taught us that solid matter is an illusion, so as long as you begin to shape her current body progressively better and better, she will have a great one with smooth progress due to the benefits of her being so young. Primarily what keeps bodies "stuck" and broken is systematic bad posture creating the spine to be misaligned for the entire life, progressively getting worse, and improper diet leading to stagnation of the vital energy centers (chakras, etc). Otherwise as long as things are kept optimal, diet is kept very fresh with raw foods, posture is improved, things like backpacks are avoided and things like that, the body steadily improves (no matter what your age).

really it is just all about intention

if the intention is to heal, and it is held very firmly in the mind, then it will carry you toward full actualization of the goal. Keep faith and be happy and positive.

Diet is also very important for all around health, lots of fresh raw vegetables, staying away from too much refined sugars and sodas and things like that, lots and lots and lots of water, also not intaking negative media to help clean the mind and make it positive and happy.
justwannabe2010-07-05 03:22:19 +0000 #3
my suggestion to you would be to find a person who is VERY highly skilled in yoga. look for a hindu temple and take your daughter there and ask if they will be able to help. A skilled yoga instructor should know more about the human body then most doctors, but not all people who teach yoga are that skilled. Yoga is a lifestyle that encompasses all aspects of life. there are a lot of people now a days who just do the physical side of yoga. Yoga believes in the power of the person to heal themselves through their connection to the divine, we all are the divine.

As far as you takng the kit and doing that with your daughter, you must be very careful because postures done incorrectly can make things worse. Good luck in finding what you search for, I send my blessings to you and believe that if you look hard enough you will find the answers.
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 03:54:41 +0000 #4
Well Tini you get right to it don't you?

What is yoga? Yes. Important question. It is ultimately different things to different people. What I might tell you it "is" might be miles away from your actual experience.

In the larger context, often the context that needs examining, yoga is an awareness practice. Now by Yoga I am referring to the vast body of wisdom that is thousands of years old. I am not referring to asana (poses) which are termed exercise by many and what is primarily taught here in the West. Yoga can also be thought of as a path of self-exploration, and thus an awareness practice. Another way to think of yoga is as a subtle science of the body/mind/spirit. All of these have levels of truth and accuracy.

Now with your darling daughter. A 43º curve is a significant amoutn of curve in a scoliosis context. For the sort of healing needed it is best to work one-on-one with a yoga teacher deeply trained in therapeutics. Walking in to the class at Gold's Gym or the local Power Yoga studio will not help a 43º scoliosis.

The work for this is very, very specific and comprehensive. It is to be taken on with commitment and dilligence. Over time (years), yoga therapy of this sort has done amazing things with scoliosis. I would think the main idea would be to avoid a surgical remedy at all costs. But this is not everyone's stance and I do now know yours.

There are some senior Iyengar teachers that could handle this task. I'm not certain where you live and honestly, the commitment level may not be there. If the student's perception is one other than "this is THE thing for me to heal" then it is tough. It then becomes a leisure activity or an avocation. It might feel good, which is fine. It might alleviate some degree of stress which is also fine. But it may NOT bring that 43 to a 20.

DY makes some very good points to which I agree.

Nutrition and lifestyle must be parts of the healing process.

I'm a fan of chiropractic though it sounds like the chiro quoted doesn't have a comprehensive understanding of yoga. Chiropractice would be very good. However, other than adjusting the spine there isn't anything provided to stabilize the adjustments (musculo-skeletally) and as such it is not a complete remedy for a scoliosis of this sort.

there absolutely MUST be intention of healing and positive thought processes along with a shift in internal dialogue. However, intention is the genesis of healing. It is not the panacea.



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