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How to decrease body heat created by mula bandha

lucastp_5322010-07-05 07:59:25 +0000 #1
I have practiced mula bandha quite often and hence now im constantly falling sick because of the increase in body heat ,, a couple of monts back i was addmitted because of the same reason,, my body generates too much heat ,, the apana remains in my stomach it was trying to come out resulting in vomiting ,, excessive vomiting caused dehydration and i was addmitted hence i need to know how to over come this heat,, im still facing the same problem even today ,, the apana heat up my stomach causing my entire body to become hot ,, the doctor feels that im having a virus fever and hence his medicines are not helping me ,, i recently did a blood test and an xray ,, both of which say my body is normal ,, i dont understand what to do ,, its good that i have learnt mula bandha , but i cannot control the apana thats stuck in my stomach,, please help me ,, or ill end up in hospital again,,(note: i do not practice udiyyan bandh or jalandhar bandh.)
InnerAthlete2010-07-05 08:12:02 +0000 #2
What sort of practice are you doing?

How often are you practicing?

For how long?

In what climate?

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What is your health and fitness background?

Are you on any medications?

Is your question relative to active or passive mula bandha?

How is mula bandha incorporated into your practice?
lucastp_5322010-07-05 08:36:19 +0000 #3
practice: i practice aswini mudra

time: ive stopped practicing since one year

i used to practice it for 15 mins daily for 30 days but that was one year back and i had to stop because i had the same issue.

climate: i stay in india its a hot climate.

age: 22

gender: male

health and fitness:i have been a victim of constipation since childhood. Was infected with measeles when i was 16 , i have a very thin and weak body .

Any medications:currently visiting doctor for this reason

Active or passive mula bandha:i could not perform mulabandh because of constipation so i opted for aswini mudra

How is mula bandha incorporated into your practice? i do not practice yoga at all. i tried mula bandh and aswini mudra, was sucessful in doing aswini mudra,but stopped practice one year back because of body heat and CONSTIPATION.

Right now i still have constipation , its not that bad.I get a high fever in afternoon .in morning im at office in a/c so i dont feel hot i feel cold.And ive also got cough and cold,my nostrils are always blocked.
gartxott2010-07-05 09:05:20 +0000 #4
Hi lucas,

Sitkari and shitali pranayamas are said to cool your body, i've never practiced them but you may try.

Are you sure what you are suffering is due to ashwini mudra?

Have you tried with Ayurveda? It may be your diet the cause of your problem... Do you have pungent/spicy foods? When i stayed in India i ended with terrible heartburns due to the spicy foods i was obligued to eat sometimes...

Anyway, i wouldn't aim to ashwini mudra as the source of the ailment so quickly.

Good luck!
ajathashatru2010-07-05 09:41:30 +0000 #5

I have practiced Sitkari and shitali pranayamas and these can help cool your body. These two are simple and can be practised any where any time.

However I find practise of dhouthi more effective when it comes to getting rid of excess heat in the body.

I read about ashwini mudra and i have my doubts if ur problem is because of ashwini mudra ...
lucastp_5322010-07-05 09:25:58 +0000 #6
thank u for ur replay ,,could u pls let me know how to do dhouthi .



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