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Yoga-meditation and Shaktipat: A balance path

siddhyogi2010-07-05 02:17:39 +0000 #1
Life is full of contradiction and surprises, that it is infact, full of paradox like success or failure, happiness or distress etc. So always one question arises in the mind, how we can balance our life in paradox (duality in nature).

Definitely Yoga-Mediation is a third alternative for overcome such dualities, balance the mind and for living the life with totality. Yoga is a remedy for doubt, confusion and intellectual dissatisfaction.

A basic principle of yoga is that practicing mental equilibrium neutralized the effects of delusion.Yoga- Meditation is a scientific process of neutralization of duality of Mental Speculation and Emotional stimulation from Successes & failure, Strength & Weakness, Discrimination and self sense –mind, Spirits and matter, Soul & Body, Knowledge & ignorance, health and diseases, Changeless and transistorizes, Light & darkness, Divine self & False Ego, Self-control and temptation.

that is done by a siddhyogi who is able to give shaktipat and change enrgy force from outer side to inner side. once you go in to the deep innerside then all the peace of mine will come naturally. but that is to be supported by the shaktipat. ( or with the balance way of master )

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