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BIGJEEPMAN2010-07-05 02:42:57 +0000 #1
I just want to say hi,and ask for help.

I have low back/hip pain,that I think comes from work and lack of stretching. I am not in pain now. When by back is out my hip is fine, when my hip is out my back is fine. At work I run a bulldozer and use my foot/leg to run and stop the bulldozer. I have to push with my legs from the seated position.

I think this pushes my hip out,or builds up tension in the back of my legs that ends up pulling my hip out of place.

My back is fine most of the time,but can act up sometimes. I am layed off for the next few weeks until spring comes,so I need to start now to prevent this from coming back this summer. I have several yoga tapes to work with on hand, Denise Austin beginners yoga,Stephanie Foster's intermediate level 1,and Yoga Booty Ballet. There are no local classes to go to so I will have to use tapes,or internet. What can I do to fix my problems. Could you tell me what poses or stretches to do,and how many times to do each one. I would need a link to pictures that would show me how to do them. Thanks

InnerAthlete2010-07-05 02:51:50 +0000 #2
While sympathetic to anyone wanting to deepen a yoga practice and those with low back pain, I don't think therapeutics (which is what is called for here based on your text) are possible using video tapes, books, and some poses alone. A yoga teacher thoroughly trained in therapeutics would be a necesssity not a luxury.

There are several reasons. One, operating from a book or tape does not take into account your own variance. It presents a series of one sort or another without any information about your specific condition, actions, physiology etcetera. To do this work there needs to be a feedback loop.

Second, because of the situation above, you must be the utility that serves as the feedback loop. You are the teacher. And this would be fine if you were trained in alignment, could see yourself practice from many angles (without altering the pose) and were not decived by your own patterns of movement. But we are all deceived by our patterns.

The three tapes you mention do not hold any therapeutic value. If you're looking for a workout tape they may be fine. If you're looking for something more specific to a) classical yoga and b) your two stated physiological issues then perhaps consider the Viniyoga DVD: from Gary Kraftsow.

It would be irresponsible to simply prescribe some poses for you. Not only that but it would set you up for disappointment when they do not work as they may not be done properly or fit your specific situation.
Mangala2010-07-05 02:59:27 +0000 #3
I have used the yoga booty ballet videotape in my fitness center at work. There is nothing on that tape that I would consider to be therapeutic yoga. The asanas are few and performed way too fast to be of any benefit to your back.

The abdominal workout section is far too intense for most people with back problems . Once you a have rehabed your back the core conditioning from this tape may be of some benefit but it is not classical yoga. I totally agree with the previous comment that these approaches are for fitness not a yoga practice that could help to rehabilitate an injury. I agree that you need to find a teacher and if that is not possible look for book's on Structural Yoga or Viniyoga and start studying. My experience has been that less is better. A short, gentle practice can be very powerful.



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