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NeuroSoma and Yoga

minaret2010-07-05 11:44:33 +0000 #1
Has anyone read a book about muscles -Whats Really Wrong with Me-

Thomas Griner, does not recommend yoga, aerobics, running, and weightlifting. Does anyone have any comments on his NeuromSoma massage techniques that help with long standing muscular problems. Lactic acid, and muscles spasms, he suggests, cause all sorts of other more serious health problems. He casts out the demon massagers, chiropractors, back specialists and medical world, suggesting NeuroSoma is what is needed. But there are few practioners of this art and then only in the US.

His book has turned my 25 years of experience with yoga on its head.

psnack2010-07-05 12:00:01 +0000 #2
Yoga is great for many things, but normal stretching will not fix most myofascial pain. I have not seen Neurosoma explained technically- most sites are vague- but I suggest that your search the web for myofascial pain, trigger point therapy. Add Svacina and trigger point to your search and my site will explain how to fix most myofascial pain. Ask a massage school about a therapist who performs this modality.

After you you get off your head, Trigger Point Therapy can help fix your headache too!



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