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More knee questions...

YogaNovice2010-07-05 04:13:05 +0000 #1
Evening all

I am fairly new to Yoga and have been practicing Astanga recently. I was hoping some may be able to advise…

I have not noticed any significant pain during Yoga, however i have noticed that my knees seem to be cracking a bit more than usual. Occasionally on downward dog, my knee is a little sore, more feels loose than anything else. I was hoping someone may also be able to describe the difference in locking the knee and just lifting the knee cap?

Finally (sorry for bombardment of questions!), I know you are supposed to let the breath take you in to a posture and to be careful not to push, as the breath will take you deeper. I am just not sure where the line is between feeling a posture out and pushing it?

Any advice much appreciated

Vital Stats :

Age - 22, 6 foot 4



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